Joining Future Space’s advisory_space group of experts

ADLIB are proud to share that we are involved in advisory_space, providing expert Recruitment advice to help resident businesses of Future Space to grow.

Also involved, covering a diverse set of topics, designed to help companies at all stages of their journey are Purplefish covering PR & Marketing; The Product Partnership covering product design & prototyping; Greaves Brewster running a session about Intellectual Property, Patent & Trademark; Robotics Innovation Facility covering Robotics, Automation & Advanced Manufacturing; Lightholm Consulting sharing their knowledge around Grant Funding; and Skowt Consulting on hand for a session revolving around Business Strategy & Funding Solutions.

Aimee Skinner, Head of Innovation at Future Space: “I’ve been astounded by the level of support for the advisory_space programme. We live in a great city with a thriving innovation ecosystem, and I wanted to be able to bring some of that expertise to our Future Space residents. Delivering it all virtually means that everyone can benefit from the support available. ADLIB are a valuable addition to the programme.”

Future Space connects entrepreneurs and tech innovators with scientists, researchers and graduate talent – to spark collaboration, innovation and growth. More about Future Space and advisory_space this way.

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