Life as an eCommerce Manager

Have you ever wondered what life as an eCommerce Manager is really like? What does it take to break into the industry and to stay on top of the game?

In this context, we caught up with Rob Cupper, eCommerce Manager at The Chimp Store to give you a little more insight.

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ADLIB: In approx. 30 words what does your role as an eCommerce Manager involve?

Rob: Managing all aspects of the online business. From the products and brands, we sell, through to acquisition, merchandising, website maintenance, copywriting and everything in between.

ADLIB: What has been your career highlight so far?

Rob: So far it would have to be repositioning our paid activity across social media. I was able to change our tactics in order to quickly increase ROI across these channels whilst raising brand awareness and increasing our following.

ADLIB: In a nutshell, what is a typical day like for you? (…if there is such thing)

Rob: Each day is really varied, but typically in a day, I’ll be monitoring all of our paid acquisition activities (FB, Google Shopping, etc) to make sure we are focussing on the right areas. There are always new products to be listed and added to the site so I may help with some of that, or I may be working on developing creative strategies to increase awareness of the brands we stock.

I’ll often find myself away from my desk, liaising with warehouse staff on how we can improve the processes we have in place there. I’m also a sucker for a spreadsheet so there’s always a bit of data analysis to be done!

ADLIB: What do you like most about your role?

Rob: What I like most about my role is being able to have a positive impact on small business. Everyone involved works hard to achieve the same goals so when something goes to plan, or we hit certain targets, it’s really rewarding because you can see the direct impact you have had. Working alongside some of my favourite brands is also a huge plus for me.

ADLIB: What do you see as the top 3 skills it takes to become an eCommerce Manager?


  1. A strong understanding of how to read and react to data you collect
  2. Be able to put yourself in the shoes of all types of customer in order to help the business provide the best service
  3. Be able to stop what you’re doing and tackle something else at a moments notice!

ADLIB: And finally, what top tip would you give someone to ensure that their skills and knowledge within eCommerce remain top-notch?

Rob: Never stop learning about your brands, customers and competitors.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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