Marketing in the SW during COVID-19 – ‘Discovidery’ a survey

We’ve joined a broad group of businesses in the region to discover how marketing needs have changed (or not) during the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown through a survey – Discovidery.

How might we all innovate and potentially collaborate to ensure a strong response to the crisis from our sector in this region?

We’ve all been affected one way or another. For some it’s been very difficult, potentially disastrous. For others, it’s been a time of swift innovation. While others are managing to thrive.

But who? And how? What do marketers in the South West need to succeed or at least survive?

The purpose of the survey is to take a temperature check of marketing departments and businesses in the South West during COVID-19 and understand how their marketing needs have changed.

Marketers in the South West: Take the Discovidery Survey for SW marketers here.

The survey is entirely anonymous and the results will be made available so that everyone can benefit. It should take around 10 minutes to complete.

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