Material Science Snapshot 2024

Based on ADLIB internal data and knowledge, we have created a UK Material Science talent and skills overview as we head into 2024.


Sector Overview:

Every year more and more Material Science start-ups are being formed due to an increase in funding within this area. Material Science is at the forefront of technological advancement and poses the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions, plastic waste and help create a sustainable future across a variety of industries.

In 2024 further funding will be issued to a large number of start-ups promoting growth within this area but also new start-ups will be formed helping to accelerate plastic alternatives, advanced polymers, sustainable building materials and 3D printing technologies.


Talent Overview:

The amount of talent within this area is driven from Universities, the best in this field being:


Material Science Skills in Demand:

The skill set in demand for Material Science includes:

  • Material testing
  • Formulation development
  • Material characterisation
  • Material development
  • Scale-up manufacturing

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