Our Forest of Avon Trust Pledge

With our pledge, we are supporting the Forest of Avon Trust to expand the Forest of Avon and the work they do to connect more people with trees and woodlands. Part of their mission is to get thousands more trees planted and to work with 100 communities in areas of low tree cover to plant trees, enabling them to benefit from them. Since January 2021, we’ve been making a donation in the name of every ADLIB employee and every candidate placed.

About the Forest Of Avon Trust
Trees make a huge contribution to many aspects of our daily lives, where we choose to be and how we feel. Trees are often taken for granted, but their absence or loss is strongly felt.

The Trust runs tree planting, woodland wellbeing and many other activities to bring the benefits of trees to people in Bristol, Bath and across the West of England. They are delivering, together with their supporter’s contributions, a sustainable and thriving future.

Despite restrictions, they supported and funded 15.5 hectares worth of trees and shrubs planting in 4 months from December 2020 – March 2021 (that’s about 29,000 trees!).

Find out more here: https://forestofavontrust.org/

Their recently launched Forest of Avon Plan sets out a Tree and Woodland Strategy for the West of England, their vision for double tree cover by 2050 -1.1 million trees per decade – one for every resident. The benefits are worth an estimated £540 million from carbon sequestration, air quality and hazard management alone! But the benefits to our quality of life are worth far more!

More info here: https://forestofavontrust.org/forest-of-avon-plan

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