PHP – London Technology Employment Snapshot

Here, a Technology Sector Talent and Skills Overview, specifically for the London PHP market, based on ADLIB internal data and knowledge.

Sector overview

It’s clear that whilst some coding languages come and go, others remain strong through thick and thin, and well used in today’s tech market. Originally released in 1995, PHP is still very popular and relevant. Currently, a formidable 49.7% of websites are up and running using PHP, and the many frameworks make PHP a popular choice used in by the developer community.

PHP is a versatile tool, and one that more junior developers should consider learning to broaden their skillset, as not only can it be embedded into HTML, it is also a stand alone language that is easy to learn and houses a lot of built-in features. PHP is a scalable, modern, and secure coding language, but also has been dubbed a language that is fun to work with. It allows for creativity and expression, as well as being challenging enough to produce satisfying results.

Talent overview

Like any major city, the London Tech market is dynamic and fast-paced no matter what sector you find yourself working in. Acknowledging the challenges presented by the tumultuous economic climate in 2023, marked by a significant wave of redundancies throughout the UK, it’s imperative to recognise that amidst the adversity, there are rays of promise on the horizon for 2024. Evidently, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is on the rise across various industries, catalysing the inevitable development of cutting-edge products and services – resulting in more tech roles!

As we navigate the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, a sustained emphasis on remote and flexible work arrangements is anticipated within the technology sector. However, particularly for those in more junior roles, it is prudent to bear in mind that mastering new skills or roles can be challenging in a purely remote setting. Considering this, hybrid work options emerge as a beneficial solution, allowing for both remote flexibility and valuable in-person training opportunities. The technology sector in London, in particular, has seen a pronounced embrace of hybrid working, leveraging digital advancements to maintain connectivity and collaboration. This model not only aligns with the post-pandemic realities but also positions London as a forward-thinking hub that values both productivity and employee well-being.

Skills in demand

Of course, technology landscapes change rapidly over time, but what we have seen as a team on the London Tech desk is that modern PHP frameworks are still very much in demand, such as Laravel, Symfony and Yii. We are seeing more and more businesses looking for skilled developers that have solid API development experience, with a rise in microservices architecture. Adding more strings to your bow will only be advantageous for you as a job seeker, so learning testing frameworks like PHPUnit, and understanding the importance of writing testable code will be extremely helpful to you.

Craft CMS (Craft) is gaining notable traction among digital agencies that traditionally leaned on WordPress. For those familiar with Laravel or Drupal, transitioning to Craft is relatively seamless due to shared technical nuances. There are also a lot of training materials available to developers who are interested in learning this skill. For a reliable guide, consider exploring for a trusted guide! If you are interested in learning a little bit more, our blog chat with John Baxter from LuckyTurn Media for our “Ask the Expert Series” It serves as an excellent starting point for those keen on delving further into this subject!

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