The Motherhood Penalty: Our Chat With Marie Hemingway

Motherboard caught up with Marie Hemingway, award Winning Founder & CTO of Speak Out Revolution prior to being part of the panel for the in-person Motherboard event on the 6th October.

Amber @ Motherboard: A bit of background, who are you, what do you do and where do you work?

Marie: Marie Hemingway, Chief Technology Officer for Speak Out Revolution. We’re an award winning non profit, powered by volunteers, on a mission to cancel the culture of silence on workplace harassment and bullying through provision of open source technology and insights.

Amber @ Motherboard: Why do you think it is so important to get more women into tech?

Marie: Technology will be a critical enabler for solving some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of the future. We need a diverse workforce that can drive innovation in our future solutions, more women in tech presents the biggest opportunity to achieve this in the near term.

Amber @ Motherboard: What do you think companies could do more of to be more inclusive of mothers?

Marie: The single biggest impactful action any organisation can take to improve inclusivity for mothers is to EQUALISE parental pay and leave. 

Amber @ Motherboard: What excites you about the MotherBoard event?

Marie: Super excited to connect with, and hear the perspectives of, other women working in tech cultivating inclusive workplaces for our next generation of talent 🙌

Attend the MotherBoard event

After 18 months of hosting MotherBoard events online, we’d like to invite you to ‘The Motherhood Penalty’ live event on Thursday 6th October.

Spaces are limited so secure your FREE spot early: RSVP here

The Motherhood Penalty: It is reported that only 19% of the tech industry in the UK is made up of women, and half of women will leave the industry by the age of 35. A huge blocker in retaining women in tech is balancing a career whilst raising a family.

So, what are we as individuals and as a collective doing about it?

Join Marie and other fantastic expert speakers at the event either in-person or online.

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