Tegan Fenn

Senior Recruiter

Data, Insight & Analytics

0117 926 9530

What did you want to become when you were a kid?

An entrepreneur. I wanted to build my own business, be my own boss and manage my own workload. I didn’t know what the idea was behind the business – this changed as I grew up – but it was always a crafty idea where I could balance a passion and a business mindset. I just wanted to build something that was mine.

Now though, I wouldn’t change a thing! I love ADLIB and wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel like here I do get to manage my own workload, have a great manager (who is also open to my ideas of how I should be working), and I did get to build my own desk in an area I was passionate about, where I can specialise within this… plus I get to be creative by constantly feeding the business with various baked goods!

In your opinion, what is “what working at ADLIB” all about?

It’s a mix of everything really; purpose, culture, caring; While we are B-Corp and we have so many amazing causes, we also just care. I think we’re different than other agencies in so many ways and I’m really proud of that. We care about clients, candidates and each other.

At ADLIB I feel like we make sure we’re involved personally and professionally and want our candidates to get the job they want, the client getting the candidate they want and ultimately everyone being happy at the end of the process rather than it just being numbers!

As for the culture, I’ve built relationships here that I absolutely love. There are some amazing people in this business who have become friends. We spend time together outside of work – not because we have to, for company holidays or events – simply because we’re actually friends. I think that says a lot about the people who work here and the culture we have!

What is something unexpected about you that people might be surprised to learn?

I love doing adventurous things – which I think will actually surprise people! I’ve done a solo skydive (which was amazing!) and lots of things like Go Ape courses; survival days; adventure holidays; indoor skydiving and more. From the age of 10 we were going on adventures from abseiling down cliffs to walking tightropes across canyons. I love trying new things and recently went on a cave tour where we dove in tiny gaps in the cliff to explore enclosed caves and it was incredible – and so worth pushing past the fear!

Tegan specialises in Data within the Insight and Analytics space. She is well connected across the UK, particularly the Southwest and M4 corridor, covering various disciplines within Insight and Analytics, across multiple industries.

Tegan utilises her network and experience to ensure she finds the best talent for your team. With several years working across data, and several more refining her experience to Insight and Analytics professionals. She has built a strong network and managed to have success across multiple areas, industries and roles while also ensuring that the candidates and clients have the best experience with respect to each other and the recruitment process. Across Data, Insight and Analytics professionals, Tegan is specialized in finding the right people and aims to ensure these candidates have the best experience during the process, along with being the strongest fit for your team.

Tegan now covers the majority of insight and analytics within ADLIB and is always happy to assist where needed! While she specialises in data, she can also assist when it comes to helping support with marketing insight analysts, marketing analysts, digital analysts and more.

She covers candidate levels from graduate all the way to Head of/Director. Tegan aims to ensure that the personality and professional fit is right, meaning she listens to what maters to the candidate from the culture to the day-to-day job. The aim is to ensure that on the candidate and client side, the fit is there so that the person will be happy with their job and want to stay in the business to build their career even more.

Here you can find more information about the Data team ADLIB | A Recruitment Agency With Purpose | Certified B Corp (adlib-recruitment.co.uk) and below you can find Tegan’s information to contact her directly or browse the roles she is working on.


Senior Research & Market Insight Analyst

  • London
  • Permanent
  • 45,000 - 58,000

Full details

Law Firm

Working for an award winning company, recognised as a top employer and investors of people.

Get stuck into research across multiple areas and sectors.

Full details

23rd Feb

Senior Research & Market Insight Analyst

  • Various Locations, UK
  • Permanent
  • 40,000 - 45,000

Full details

Law Firm

Working for an award winning company, recognised as a top employer and investors of people.

Get stuck into research across multiple areas and sectors.

Full details

23rd Feb

Senior Marketing Analytics Manager

Purpose Driven

  • Swindon
  • Permanent
  • 50,000 - 60,000

Full details


Working for a company with an amazing cause.

Utilizing to put your marketing and analytics background.

Full details

23rd Feb


What my candidates say

  • Tegan is a genuinely lovely recruiter; she was supportive and enthusiastic, giving me confidence in my abilities and keeping me informed of my progress and feedback. Would definitely recommend if you want to feel that your recruiter has your back throughout the hiring process!

    Charlie Rosewarne

    Digital Analyst at RAC

  • I highly recommend Tegan Fenn as a Senior Recruitment Consultant at ADLIB. Tegan played a pivotal role in my career journey, guiding me to secure a Senior Data Engineer position at Allianz. Her detailed insights into the role and understanding of the hiring manager's expectations were invaluable. Tegan's experience-driven advice and support were instrumental in my successful preparation and offer. Grateful for her expertise and professionalism.

    Darren Letman

    Senior SAS Developer at Allianz

  • Tegan was amazing, they provided me extensive and useful information to be prepared for the interview, and I got the job thanks to their unforgettable support. Don't hesitate to contact ADLIB if you want to take your career to the next stage.

    Carlos Martinez

    Consumer Digital Insight Analyst

  • Tegan contacted me via LinkedIn for a job opportunity, she nailed the skillset alignment for a niche area and was great at keeping me informed every step of the way. Massively enjoying my new role so huge thumbs up from me. Would highly recommend!

    Jamie Oakley

    PIM Administrator

  • Everything about ADLIB is absolutely brilliant! The level of support and professionalism received throughout my engagement with the company was overwhelming. They played a crucial role in securing my new role as an insight analyst at a fantastic organization. Special thanks to Tegan Fenn who guided and encouraged me throughout the recruitment process. You’re a treasure! Thank you so much!

    Oluwaseun Kolawole

    Consumer Insights Analyst

  • Big thanks to Tegan at ADLIB who made my change in career possible. I wasn’t really looking to change jobs, but Tegan was great at showing me great opportunities that opened my eyes to my own potential. She convinced me to have a chat with a company, who I am now with. I am really enjoying the move and my new role, and it was thanks to Tegan that I took it. It’s also very clear that Tegan cares about both the customer and the applicant, as she was always checking in with me to make sure I was happy and comfortable with everything presented. Thank you again!

    Sofia Loginow

    Regional Product Marketing Manager

  • I’d highly recommend ADLIB for anyone looking for roles in the Data & Analytics space - I was contacted by Tegan who found my profile via LinkedIn, and had a really nice conversation about my job hunt situation and what I’d be looking for. Without feeling pushed into applying for anything unsuitable which can often be the case with recruitment companies, Tegan put me forward for a position which I was happy to apply for, and gave me so much helpful information about each stage of the interview process. With Tegan’s help I was able to prepare excellently resulting in a job offer and acceptance. I am currently a month into the new role and Tegan has checked in with me multiple times, I am hugely enjoying the role which has been a huge upgrade for my career.

    Alex Newman

    Data Visualization Manager

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ADLIB B Corp Impact Report

ADLIB certified as a B Corp in September 2019. Our starting point was a score of 82.8. In 2020 ADLIB became the world’s first 100% employee-owned B Corp recruitment business globally. In 2023 we received a recertification score of 130.3. The highest ranking recruitment company, globally. An immensely proud moment in ADLIB history.



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