Welcome Andi!

Introducing the latest addition to team ADLIB: Andi Sharrock. 

Andi provides recruitment expertise within the Digital Marketing and eCommerce space. She works alongside pure-play businesses, multi-channel retailers, digital agencies and global organisations, to help them find the best local and remote talent.  

Before joining ADLIB, Andi worked as a Marketing and Sales Executive, specialising in online content and digital marketing. 

Andi holds a First-Class Honours degree in Media Culture and Communication from the University of the West of England, and appeared on the Dean’s List for her academic accomplishments. 

Please connect with Andi on LinkedIn here if you’re looking to make a new hire or discuss eCommerce or Digital Marketing roles. 
If you’re interested in joining ADLIB we are currently hiring for Recruiters for our Product and Project Management teams in Bristol and Brighton. Please get in touch with Steve for more information.  

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