20 years in B2B Marketing – what Robert’s learned

Next up as part of our “sharing the wisdom” series: Robert Hollier, Marketing Director at ITEC. Robert has 20 years’ experience in B2B tech marketing.

Now, Robert, in an attempt to capture some of your wisdom you’ve gained as a professional so far, what are “5 stand-out things” you’ve learned?

Robert Hollier

1. Most marketing, especially in the tech space, is borderline crap (technical term). Every day, your customers and prospects are bombarded with innumerable marketing messages from every possible direction. Make it your mission not to add to the crap that’s already out there. Instead, aim to be clear, distinctive and different.

2. Less is usually more. Don’t try and cram every possible message into every communication. Don’t strive to fill every available square inch of space with content. Work out what you’re really expert at and let your ideas breathe. Have confidence in what you’re saying.

3. If you’re in marketing you need to get your head round the pretty shameful fact that, on average, sales people don’t use 90% of what marketing produces (source: IDC). And it’s no point moaning about your salespeople and their annoying habits – remember, they pay the bills. It’s up to you to build and manage an effective relationship with sales.

4. A few years back, I read a biography of Steve Jobs (by Walter Isaccson). Jobs was a pretty unpleasant person in many ways but clearly a marketing genius. One thing that stood out for me was Jobs’ fondness for taking a short walk when he was trying to untangle a problem and focus on what was really important. I’m not comparing myself to Jobs at all (I’m pretty pleasant and certainly no genius) but I find that taking a walk – especially in the morning – can clear the head and focus the mind.

5. As in life generally, so in marketing. Hard work is the cornerstone of most good things. There ain’t no substitute.

Thank you Robert for sharing!

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