28 years’ within Marketing – What Debbie’s learned

Some wisdom from the Group Marketing Manager at Fish Brothers…

Next up as part of our “sharing the wisdom” series: Debbie Reeve Crook, Group Marketing Manager at Fish Brothers. Debbie manages all the traditional and digital marketing for 12 dealerships within the group, she is a senior manager at an operational group level.

Debbie Reeve

Now, Debbie, in an attempt to capture some of the wisdom you’ve gained as a professional so far, what are “5 stand-out things” you’ve learned within the past 28 years, while climbing that career ladder within the Marketing sector.

Debbie Reeve Crook

  1. Always have a mentor. Find someone you respect professionally and learn from them.  Be inquisitive, listen and take their work ethics, knowledge and skill sets as a good example to use in business.
  2. Be resilient. When knocked down, pick yourself up, learn from it and move on.  Don’t dwell or over think things, if you made the mistake – learn from it and don’t do it twice.
  3. Be yourself, show your personality as well as your work skills, you were chosen because of all three so let them shine.
  4. Constantly strive to do better, keep learning, take on challenges and stretch yourself, talk to your colleagues, network, learn other parts of the business, never have nothing to do!
  5. Don’t gossip, it’s unprofessional and dangerous.  If it’s confidential keep it confidential, make your own mind up about people and start from a positive angle. Show them respect but expect it back.  Do not allow bullying of any kind. Be nice to people.

Thank you Debbie for sharing!

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