ADLIB’s Career Workshops: in collaboration with ‘Care Leaver Covenant’

We previously launched our series of Creative, Data, Marketing and Technology Career Workshops as part of our overarching mission to enable growth and to support individuals and businesses to achieve their ambitions. Commonly named as a challenge to growth is the ‘skills gap’ – one we are hoping our workshops will help to tackle on a local micro scale, one session at a time.

We have already committed to offering our workshops to students from Babbasa on a regular basis and from 28th March this year, we are collaborating with the Care Leaver Covenant – to also offer our Career Workshops to the young people they work with regularly in order to support their mission.

What the Care Leaver Covenant is about: All young people who leave care at 16, 17 or 18 are provided with statutory support, in the form of a Local Offer. This should include help in the transition to living independently; support with finding accommodation and with any costs of participating in education, training and employment.

However, in order to provide a greater level of support at this crucial stage during the transition of care leavers to adulthood, wider society also needs to play a part, which is where the Care Leaver Covenant comes in.The Covenant is a promise made by private, public or voluntary organisations to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25 to help them to live independently.

We are inviting groups of young people that are aspiring to a career within either Data, Technology, Creative or Marketing, offering 4 separate one hour hands-on workshops, which will be running in parallel.

Guided by one or a team of our specialist Recruitment Consultants, the sessions will provide advice on a range of career opportunities and avenues – with space to ask all the questions that participants have about their sector of interest. Our Consultants will also offer their support and their expertise to adjust and tweak CVs or Portfolios if the participants would like to bring them in.

We’re looking forward to it!

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