ADLIB Life – The one about Jazz

Jazz shares her take…

When I was a kid I wanted to become:
My dream as a kid was to be a baker in the French Alps, cupcakes, cookies and croissant all day, every day. This is still relevant now, just on the backburner until I need a retirement project. 

For me, this is “what working at ADLIB” is all about:
As my first job in recruitment the company culture and office vibe was critical for me, ADLIB is such a positive and progressive place to work so all contributions feel really valuable. The focus on making a positive impact on those around us, clients, candidates, and colleagues makes the hard work worthwhile.

My biggest feel-good moment since I’ve been at ADLIB:
Receiving my first client recommendation was pretty special – nice to know that someone thinks you did a good job. But actually, all placements (particularly those that happen on a Friday afternoon) feel good!

How I explain what I do at a party:
I generally just say that I work in Scientific Recruitment for a Bristol-Based company, managing recruitment into pharmaceutical and life science companies. If any questions come up from this I explain that I place scientists and scientific support staff into companies that make, find or sell medical drugs or devices.

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