ADLIB Life – The one about Tegan

Tegan shares her take…

When I was a kid I wanted to be…  
…an entrepreneur. I never knew exactly what I wanted to be as I was never pushed into anything, so the ‘what’ changed regularly, but I knew I wanted to run my own business, manage my own time and do something worthwhile. 

For me, this is “what working at ADLIB” is all about: 
The culture, it is different to any other recruitment company I have known or had experience with. Everyone is down to earth and friendly, there are no politics or gossip, it is a truly lovely place to work; everyone is up front and friendly. People celebrate your wins and help you with the losses – in the recruitment world, this is rarer than people think and have people around you to support you and understand makes all the difference – it makes the rollercoaster worth riding! 

The culture stems to everything we do, from giving back to the community, trying our best to reach out to charities and get involved in events, expanding our networks and using our platform for good with things like meet ups, career guidance and general help, it is across everything we do, and it makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than a recruitment company. 

My biggest feel-good moment since I’ve been at ADLIB: 
It would be a tie between: Going out for socials with my team and the ADLIB crew, getting to know the people I work with through work socials, sitting with other teams and getting to know people.
Getting employee of the month during my probation, felt super appreciated and it was amazing to get some recognition! 

Beyond Recruitment, what truly matters to me…
My family (all the dogs and other pets we have too) and friends mean the world; other than that, I love doing crafty things like painting, drawing, reading and baking – baking a load of food!!

Join ADLIB. So much more than a recruitment company.
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