We are now signatories of the Women in Business Charter

As you may have heard, we are working more closely with our industry partners such as WomensTechJobs, TechSPARK, Care Leaver Covenant and Babbasa (to name a few) as part of our mission to increase diverse and inclusive workforces across the South West’s tech and data sectors.

As part of what I do here as ADLIB’s Diversity and Inclusion Manager / Recruiter, I caught up with Jane Ginnever who is part of the Women in Business Task Group behind the Women in Business Charter – which shares our mission to help businesses with building inclusive and diverse teams.

The Women in Business Charter is a city-wide initiative that recognises and supports the work of Bristol businesses to create workplaces that are gender equal.

The purpose of the Charter is to ask businesses that sign to show and demonstrate their ongoing commitment to improve gender equality in their business, by setting targets, to achieve goals revolving around the aims the Charter defines as:

  • The promotion and availability of flexible and part-time working, especially at senior levels that attract higher levels of pay and conditions.
  • A commitment to increase the numbers of women at senior levels and on the board. Making at least one member of the senior executive team responsible for reporting on gender equality and inclusion.
  • Encouraging and supporting female employees in lower paid and lower skilled occupations to progress through the organisation, through appropriate training and other on-going support.
  • A commitment to close the gender pay gap.
  • A focus on implementing recruitment, appraisal, personal development and promotion processes that are non-discriminatory towards women and are free from unconscious bias.
  • Supporting women where they are under-represented, through mentoring and women’s networks.

We have considered and set our targets and are committed to doing our bit.

You can find out more about the Women in Business Charter here: and you can reach out via email to discuss the Charter or Women in Business further and to request the online form to also put this onto your business’s agenda.

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