Attracting Talent in the Start-Up and Scale-Up market

How we can help you source the people that will fuel your business.

We can help you to...

  • build the right team and culture from those critical first few hires upwards. 
  • share your vision and engage candidates in competitive markets. 
  • understand the market. 
  • create a more streamlined recruitment process.
  • decrease the risk and impact of competition in the candidate market.
  • support candidates through the interview experience to generate positive word of mouth about you as an employer. 
  • increase efficiency and maximise potential.


Our Services include:

Permanent Recruitment
Our permanent recruitment team is here to respond to the long-term changes within your business, from individual requirements through to volume recruitment drives.

If you need a large volume of hires but are worried about finding the right talent or the cost of specialist hires, then talk to us about our bespoke talent model that can help you find the best talent as effectively, quickly, and cost-effectively as possible.

Start-up Expertise & Consultancy
We are start-up & scale-up experts, fully immersed in the communities that surround us. From creating effective engagement and onboarding models, interviewing techniques to process management within candidate short sectors, we’re often in from the beginning to help you share, plan and guide as you look to scale your start-up.

Contract Recruitment
Our contractor recruitment team is on hand to support you through the times where the need for a more flexible workforce is called for.


What we do and how we work with you:

Step 1: We understand your business
We take a personal consultative approach. We get to know your business and your unique requirements, to then help you build a winning team, all set for future growth. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with many start-ups and scale-ups across the UK. We understand the unique challenges small companies and start-ups face in a competitive market. Some we supported in making their very first hire, others we helped to build out entire teams from scratch. 

Step 2: Defining the requirement 
We take a brief to find out exactly what talent you need to enable your business to thrive. You may have a Job Specification written up already which you can get to us to take it from there. If not quite there yet, we’ve included some pointers below that will help you to consider the components that need to be defined. We can help you with that of course, especially if you are not quite certain what exact tech skills are needed for someone to step into the role you are looking to carve, or perhaps emphasizing certain points that we know will make it stand out from other specs. 

Step 3: We find the talent
We use a range of avenues and methods, tapping into our internal candidate network of talent across the  Technology, Data, Engineering, Science, Marketing and Design industries as the first port of call. We also advertise the role, crafting tailored talent attraction campaigns across a whole range of job boards, networks and channels. We also run industry-specific searches to find more hidden talent and those people passively job-seeking within our expert sectors on our mission to find that passionate talent who may not come through the obvious channels. All set to get the attention of that rare find you are looking for. 

Step 4: We review applications and CVs, have initial conversations, to then get a shortlist to you for review
We carefully consider all CVs and applications of potentially suitable candidates. We offer Blind-Hiring to ensure True Diversity. You can find out more about Diversity and Inclusion further below. Speaking with them, referring to expert skills and soft skills defined by and with you, getting on their level with technical talk if needed and finding out everything relevant that goes above and beyond the standard dedication of talent. We also screen against those behaviours that make up and define your culture – to then get a shortlist of a diverse set of interested and solid candidates to you for review.  

Step 5: We gather your CV feedback to refine the search further if needed to then arrange stage 1 interviews for you
We arrange the interviews at the place and time that suits you and the candidate. We can suggest an efficient process that suits the role and urgency, whether it’s an all in one face to face with a technical test or a split approach. We understand that a thorough process is required and perhaps more than a single-stage and round of interviews is required. 

Step 6: Your interview feedback
We ensure that we can manage the expectations of the candidates in the process. In many cases, they get more than one offer. 

Step 7: We’ll present the offer and we sort the admin for you 
We gather all information from you to then liaise with the candidate and we carry out the negotiations on your behalf.

We will still remain close to yourself and the candidate leading up to their first day and after their first week to make sure everything is running smoothly, we will complete all of the necessary paperwork.


We are collaborating with accelerator programmes

We have partnered with a range of start-up incubator programmes and accelerators to be on hand and to help resident businesses and those on the programmes to grow. For this, we run "Build your team" sessions and provide practical advice around team growth and scaling as trusted recruitment partners. We collaborate with a range of programmes across the UK. 

We are recruitment partners of the likes of The Loop Programme, an accelerator programme for founders of tech start-ups based in the South West of England that provides exclusive access to a hand-picked panel of experts, each representing a different area of business growth. 

We've also joined Future Space’s advisory_space group of experts, providing expert recruitment advice to help resident businesses of Future Space to grow. Future Space connects entrepreneurs and tech innovators with scientists, researchers and graduate talent – to spark collaboration, innovation and growth.

Aimee Skinner, Innovation Manager at Future Space: “I’ve been astounded by the level of support for the advisory_space programme. We live in a great city with a thriving innovation ecosystem, and I wanted to be able to bring some of that expertise to our Future Space residents. Delivering it all virtually means that everyone can benefit from the support available. ADLIB are a valuable addition to the programme.”

As partners and resident recruitment advisors of SETsquared, we play a key role in supporting resident start-up and fast-growing businesses on all things recruitment, talent attraction and engagement. SETsquared is a unique enterprise partnership and a dynamic collaboration between the five leading research-led UK universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey.


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