Balancing Profit & Purpose feat. Amy Moring

Meet Amy Moring, a Forbes 30 under 30 alumni and lifelong Coeliac, she is Co-Founder of Hunter & Gather. Hunter & Gather is a fast-growth ancestrally inspired lifestyle business on a mission to revolutionise the food industry with best-in-class, sustainably sourced real food and supplements that put your health first. 

With products ranging from avocado mayonnaise to nose to tail supplements, they are pioneering the ancestral lifestyle space with an omnichannel approach. 80% of their business comes from online with the rest in retail, they are now on track for an 8 figure sales number in 2024 alone. 

For some background information, who are you as a business and what makes your business offering unique?

Hunter & Gather is an ancestrally inspired lifestyle brand with real food ambient products, which are always free from refined sugar, grains and seed oils. We champion real ingredients, quality products and transparent sourcing. We want to enable people to make healthier choices and to see food as the foundation of health but there are also other lifestyle factors such as sleeping well, community, nature and more that all contribute to us being the best versions of ourselves.

What got you interested in joining the movement to balance Profit and Purpose and what has been your journey so far?

We are a proud B Corp, not only because it supports our mission as a business for a force for good but also because it understands that without a margin there really is no mission. Businesses need to have solid unit economics to enable it to grow, thrive and reach more people. We are supporting communities by encouraging them to eat healthier and live better lives through education, free resources and of course our products – all of which is only possible if you have a business that can stand on its own two feet.

In your case, what does it mean for your workers, customers, community and environmental considerations?

Being a B Corp means that we are caring towards our staff, we have great processes in place such as a staff handbook, perks, benefits as well as a solid leadership team and board to support the growth of the business. For our customers it means that they can trust in us that we have gone through rigorous due diligence both in terms of products we create but also the way we run the business. Environmentally we are also challenged to improve in all that we do, which has enabled us to shine a spotlight on how we can be more environmentally friendly. From plastic free shipping materials to using locally sourced ingredients where possible.

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