Better Business – feat. Greenhouse

Talking about “Better Business”: Jenny Briggs, Account Director at Greenhouse shares their take.

Throughout March 2021, B Corp Month, we collaborated with some fellow local B Corps. Each week we focused on and featured a specific area within the B Corp Assessment sections to celebrate and champion what it is that makes some of the local B Corporations a “B Corp”, to hopefully inspire many more to join the movement.

ADLIB: For some background information, who are you as a business and what makes your business offering unique?

Jenny Briggs: Greenhouse is a purpose driven communications and PR consultancy working exclusively with pioneering businesses, NGOs and entrepreneurs, to accelerate change towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

We help create communications strategies and campaigns with impact, to scale the ideas, technologies, products and services that offer solutions to the big challenges we face. Our mission stems from a deep-rooted commitment to address climate change and its impact on the world’s poorest people.

ADLIB: What got you interested in joining the B Corp movement and what does being a B Corp mean to you?

Jenny: As a purpose-led organisation that works for people and planet as well as profit, Greenhouse PR aligns naturally with the B Corp vision, so we made it our mission to gain accreditation 5 years ago.

Being a B Corp certified company means that we are now part of a community of change makers and organisations with shared values collaborating to drive and support positive change.

We are focused on showcasing best practice and working with other like-minded organisations to transition society onto a more sustainable path which is why we are celebrating the work of pioneering B Corps in our new Beyond Net Zero campaign. Find out more from trailblazing businesses who are developing regenerative practices here:

ADLIB: Can you share a little bit about your B Corp story, what the process was like for you?

Jenny: The process was very time consuming and much more involved than we had imagined it would be, but I wouldn’t want that to put anyone off from applying. Gathering the required data gave us a valuable opportunity to consider every aspect of our business and we made many improvements as a result.

We truly believe that becoming a B Corp isn’t an end goal, it’s just the beginning. It’s one marker on the road towards becoming a fully regenerative business. So, we are always working to improve on our score and go further.

We are currently working on moving beyond net zero into being climate positive, which will be a long journey, starting with in-depth analysis of our carbon footprint as an organisation.

ADLIB: Talking specifically about ENVIRONMENT – What does it mean to you to be a better steward of the planet?

Jenny: The planet is our home, and you can consciously support and protect it every day. Every time you spend money, eat a meal, or watch a film, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Being a better steward of the planet is also about being a better ancestor for future generations. We all need to speak up to secure a safer climate, thriving nature and healthy air, water and food for the next generation. This can only be achieved through a combination of political action, increased pressure on business and everyday personal lifestyle changes.

This article is part of the “Better Business” series during B Corp Month, a collaboration of the Bristol & Bath B Local Group. More info about #BristolBathBCorps here: and more info about B Corp here:

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