Better Business – what it means to us

March 2021 has been B Corp Month. The 2021 theme was “Better Business”. Being a ‘better business’ means prioritising constant improvement to continuously exceed the expectations, demands and needs of society and the planet.

B Corps are examples of ‘better businesses’, proven by their verified B Corp score and their commitment to placing stakeholders at the centre of their decisions.

What being a B Corp means to us

B Corp sits very firmly at the heart of ADLIB. Certifying wasn’t an end goal, but a vital step to help us understand and navigate how we use business as an ever-increasing force for good. The B Corp journey greatly influenced our move to becoming 100% employee-owned and cementing our commitment to stakeholder capitalism.

It’s a thriving and growing community, week on week we’re engaging with more and more B Corps who are part of our stakeholder group, from which we take so much.

Why it is important to place stakeholders at the centre of our decisions and how we do so through our governance and operations.

In 2020, we became 100% employee-owned, in turn starting a journey by which everyone at ADLIB are much deeper stakeholders with a shared mission. Our Trust Board ensures the business continues to do the right things for the right reasons, whilst our employee council provide direct input into the day-to-day operations and culture.

Providing complete financial transparency throughout the business brings a much deeper understanding of commercial reasoning, measurements of success and how that translates into a benefit for all involved internally and externally.

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