Customer Insight, Digital & Marketing Analytics Market Snapshot 2022

We recently completed a Data, Insight & Analytics Employment Guide using data collected via a detailed survey of industry professionals. We then combined the data with ADLIB’s extensive internal data and knowledge gained from operating within the Data sector to provide this snapshot of the current Customer Insight, Digital & Marketing Analytics Market

Within the Customer/Digital/Marketing Analytics space, we’re noticing a few key trends. Firstly, as data technology improves across most businesses, they have access to more and more data. This has triggered a growth of insight & analytics teams across the board with companies more likely to want to drive towards further personalisation, create more meaningful digital experiences for customers and capture more customer behaviour than ever.

Where marketing activities were scrutinised further during the down turn, more and more businesses want to examine the effectiveness of their marketing and ensure that they are putting the right spend in the right places, driving further growth in marketing analytics. At the progressive end of this, more companies are starting to integrate cloud based data warehouses & data lakes with marketing automation platforms, creating a powerful ability to personalise marketing further using multiple data sources to understand a true 360 view of the customer and hit them with a personalised communication.

Our Consultants thoughts – Tegan Fenn, Consultant, Insight & Analytics

We are seeing several key trends from candidates in this area, the main motivator for moving roles being that they are looking for higher salary uplifts or strong package demands. The main trend in Insight and Analytics is candidates hoping for a higher uplift than they used to, having been shown their value during the last two years where data has boomed.  Between inflation, Covid and the market changes, Insight and Analytics professionals have never been in higher demand. They are able to ask for salary uplifts and tend to be involved in several interview processes, taking their pick of their ideal job at the end. A strong, professional and technically capable analyst is gaining a high uplift when moving roles, from 10%- around a 30% uplift depending on the technologies they are experienced with, and how long they have been in their career.

While this is putting some companies off and asking for ‘too high’ of an uplift can price you out of companies that are offering exciting opportunities – and sometimes even cost you an interview because money is being seen as too high of a motivator – others are taking this in their stride and offering higher salaries and stronger packages to secure their ideal candidate. These packages can include various aspects from monetary contributions like strong bonuses, to remote working options. While there are still candidates looking for fully remote working, there are also those who are keen to go into an office; however, a hybrid working model (looking at a day or two a week in the office) being the most popular.

The key trends across technologies tend to be starting with a huge emphasis on needing strong SQL experience, and data visualisation tools. Depending on the area you are wanting to go into, the tools would vary, but the majority of strong analysts have these two skills. When it comes to Marketing and Digital, either Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics experience is in high demand. Across all styles of roles, experience with Excel, R and Python tends to be considered a bonus, however with some more specific roles, Excel is more prominent and can be classed as a requirement, but this tends to be at a high level of experience where candidates have understanding of Pivot Tables, Micros and all intricacies Excel offers.

Lastly, showing your culture, people and company through an interview is a great thing to do. Truly taking time to ensure you are choosing the right people to interview and showing the benefits of the culture – alongside being a good manager – is something candidates are hoping for and assisting in hiring the right people.

Top 5 key tech skills for candidates:-

  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Google Analytics / Adobe Analytics
  • Python/R

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