Data Analyst jobs and careers

Data analysis is crucial to all businesses at some level. Businesses create vast amounts of data during their day to day activities and this data contains value that can be unlocked. Also, for some businesses, data analysis is fundamental to their operations, for example, trading, gambling, insurance, comparison websites etc.

Why consider a career as Data Analyst?

Without the ability to analyse their data, companies would not be able to make evidence-based decisions and therefore would lose their competitive edges to those companies that do. Data Analysts can expect to have varied jobs where their analytical mindsets are put to good use by the business they work for to get them to uncover facts in the data.

Typical role titles include

Data Analyst
Decision Analyst
Web Analyst
Online Analyst
Customer Analyst
Trading Analyst
Finance Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Forecasting Analyst
Innovation Analyst
Scientific Analyst
Statistical Analyst
Insight Analyst
Investment Analyst
Quantitative Analyst
Quant Analyst
Support Analyst
Transaction Analyst
Performance Analyst
Integration Analyst
Reporting Analyst
Senior Analyst
Lead Analyst
Technical Analyst
Membership Analyst
Digital Analyst
Quality Analyst
MI Analyst
Information Analyst
BI Analyst
Research Analyst
Platform Analyst
Cyber Analyst
Product Analyst
Commercial Analyst
Policy Analyst
Valuation Analyst
Risk Analyst
Infrastructure Analyst
Operations Analyst

Career progression example

Data Analyst
Senior Data Analyst
Lead Data Analyst
Analytics Manager
Head of Analytics

Salary Benchmarks

At an entry level, junior / graduate Data Analyst professionals on average will be earning between £18k-£25k. At the mid-level you’d be looking to earn £30k-£45k and seniors would be looking to earn £50k+.

Is it right for me? The skills it takes…

The skills needed can be split into 3 categories; programming/technical skills, critical thinking skills and data analysis skills.

Programming skills: SQL | R | Python | SAS | MATLAB | Excel | VBA | Access.

Critical thinking skills: Analysing | Applying Standards | Information Seeking | Logical Reasoning | Predicting | Transforming Knowledge.

Data analysis skills: Learning a scripting and statistical language | Adobe and Google Analytics | Reporting  – skilled in reporting and data visualisation software with strong presentation skills | Analytical and Creative mind | Advanced Microsoft Excel, Experience with SQL (Structured Query Language) programming.

What qualifications does it take?

An analytical mindset or A-Levels or Bachelors or Undergraduate degree in a subject that develops analytical skills like Maths, Science, Engineering, Psychology, Economics, Econometrics, Finance, Sociology.

Our Data, Insight & Analytics recruitment team

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    Data Platform & Architecture

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    Scott Rogers

  • Senior Recruiter

    Data, Insight & Analytics

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    Tegan Fenn

  • Recruiter

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Our latest Data, Insight & Analytics jobs

We connect ambitious organisations with their greatest assets, equally ambitious talent.

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Purpose Driven

  • Remote
  • Permanent
  • 55,000 - 65,000

Full details

Working for an agency and building relationships with clients

Fully remote option.

Working for a B-Corp company.

Full details

19th Apr

Senior Data Analyst

  • London
  • Contract
  • 550-650 Per Day

Full details

6 Month Contract, Inside IR35

Join an insurtech, scale-up company with a fantastic culture and great branding.

Sit under the Head of Analytics.

Full details

11th Apr

Data Protection Manager

Purpose Driven

  • Edinburgh
  • Permanent
  • 35,000 - 41,000

Full details

Non for profit supporting children and young people

Work for a company with an amazing cause.

Manage the data protection function and a junior DPO.

Full details

08th Apr


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