Data Science jobs and careers

Data Scientists are becoming increasingly crucial for almost every business sector with Data being the most valuable asset to businesses. They play an important role in the businesses as they can be used to influence strategic decisions and add value to the business. It’s a rapidly evolving field with advancements being made in Big Data, AI and Machine Learning alongside new technologies like Blockchain and Autonomous Vehicles.

Why consider a career as a Data Scientist?

The demand for Data Scientists is higher than it’s ever been with a real skills shortage meaning that experienced/talent Data Scientists are hot commodities.

There are a large range of industries that utilise Machine Learning such as; Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Marketing and Sales, Oil and Gas and Transport.

Typical role titles include

Chief Actuary of GeoSpatial Analytics and Modeling
Chief Analytic Officer
Chief Analytics & Algorithms Officer
Chief Analytics Officer
Chief Credit & Analytics Officer
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Chief Research & Analytics Officer
Chief Scientist, Global Head of Analytics
Chief Scientist, VP of Analytics
Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Information Management & Analytics
Client Director, Business Analytics
Director – Advanced Analytics
Director – Analytic Science
Director – Analytics Delivery
Director – BI & Analytics
Director – Fraud Analytics & R&D
Director – Predictive Analytics
Director (Analytics and Creative Strategy)
Director (Marketing Analytics)
Director, Digital Analytics
Director Analytics Strategy, JMP
Director Marketing Analytics
Director of Advanced Analytics
Director of Analytic Consulting, Product/Data Loyalty Analytics
Director of Analytic Solutions
Director of Analytics
Director of Analytics (consultant)
Director of Data Analytics and Advertising Platforms
Director of Digital Analytics and Customer Insight
Director of Health Analytics
Director of Innovation, Big Data Analytics
Director of Product, Analytics
Director of Risk Analytics and Policy
Director of Science & Analytics for Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
Director of Web Analytics and Optimization
Director, Advanced Analytics
Director, Advanced Analytics, HumanaOne
Director, Advanced Strategic Analytics
Director, Analytic Science
Director, Analytic Strategy
Director, Analytical Services
Director, Analytics
Director, Big Data Analytics and Segmentation
Director, Business Analytics
Director, Business Analytics & Decision Management Strategy
Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Pogo
Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics
Director, Business Planning & Analytics
Director, Center for Business Analytics, Stern School of Business
Director, Clinical Analytics
Director, Customer Analytics
Director, Customer Analytics & Pricing
Director, Customer Insights and Business Analytics
Director, Data Analytics
Director, Data Science & Analytics Practice
Director, Data Warehousing & Analytics
Director, Database Marketing & Analytics (Marketing)
Director, DVD BI and Analytics
Director, Gamification Analytics Platform, Information Analytics & Innovation
Director, Global Digital Marketing Analytics
Director, Group Analytics
Director, Head of Forensic Data Analytics
Director, Marketing Analytics
Director, Marketing Analytics for Bing Product Group
Director, Oracle Database Advanced Analytics
Director, Predictive Analytic Applications
Director, Reporting/Analytics
Director, Risk & Analytics
Director, Risk and Business Analytics
Director, Statistical Modeling and Analytics
Director, Statistics and Project Analytics / Senior Analytic Consultant
Director, Strategic Analytics
Director, Web Analytics
Director/Head of Analytics
Director/Principal, Analytics
Advanced Analytics Manager
Advanced Strategic Analytics Manager
Analytics Science Manager
Analytics Strategy Manager
Analytical Services Manager
Analytics Manager
Business Analytics Manager
Business Analytics & Decision Management Strategy Manager
Clinical Analytics Manager
Customer Analytics Manager
Customer Analytics & Pricing Manager
Customer Insights and Business Analytics Manager
Data Analytics Manager
Data Science & Analytics Practice
Data Warehousing & Analytics
Database Marketing & Analytics (Marketing)
Digital Marketing Analytics Manager
Group Analytics Manager
Forensic Data Analytics Manager
Marketing Analytics Manager
Predictive Analytics Manager
Reporting/Analytics Manager
Risk & Analytics Manager
Risk and Business Analytics Manager
Statistical Modeling and Analytics Manager
Strategic Analytics Manager
Web Analytics Manager
Risk Analyst
Quant Analyst
Quantitative Analyst
Data Scientist
Marketing Analyst
Predictive Analytics Manager
Statistical Modeller

Career progression example

Junior Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Chief/Lead Data Scientist
Director of Data Science

Salary Benchmarks

At entry level, you’d be looking at around £25k-£30k. As you get a couple of years’ experience you’ll be looking at a salary of £30k-£50k. Experienced Data Scientists earn > £60k with some cases earning more than £100k depending on sector and management experience.

Is it right for me? The skills it takes…

Fundamental skills: Probability – using techniques like Markov Decision Processes and Bayes Nets | Statistics – being able to analyse variance and test hypotheses | Data Modelling – understanding the structure of datasets, spotting gaps and filling them with data.

Programming skills: Fundamentals – Data structures | Algorithms | Computer Architecture | b-trees | Sort algos and stacks Software Design | A background in APIs e.g. web APIs and static/dynamic libraries.

Communication skills are also key to explain data related insights and solutions to non-technical audiences, as well as problem-solving skills in order to solve complex questions and situations with good attention to detail.

You will need experience with databases and analysis tools like Hadoop, SQL or SAS.

There are a huge range of courses online that all you to improve your skills in these areas such as; Coursera, Udacity and Kaggle.

What qualifications does it take?

A Masters (MSc) or Doctorate (PhD) in a maths, physics, statistics, artificial intelligence (AI), software engineering, engineering or computer science field with technical skills in programming. Statistics and probability are key here. Demonstrable experience working with large data sets. Experience using machine learning and statistical methods.

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Our latest Data, Insight & Analytics jobs

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Senior Data Scientist

  • Central London
  • Permanent
  • £75K - £95K + bonus + excellent benefits

Full details

Join the future of insurance and make a real-world impact.

• Become a crucial part of an innovative tech company that's using data to redefine and democratize the insurance industry.

• Work within a dynamic cross-functional team, using data-driven insights to influence strategic roadmaps.

Full details

06th Mar

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