Designing for Inclusivity & Accessibility: Beyond Recruitment

Each of the ADLIB teams has made a commitment to support a cause close to their hearts, a shared common goal they all believe in and want to champion.

The final initiative we’d like to share is that of our Creative Recruitment team. Whose mission is it to increase awareness of digital inclusivity and accessibility; to encourage that digital products and websites can be understood, navigated and perceived by everyone, and that everyone can interact online and contribute to it.

Perspectives we consider and feature include digital accessibility for those with disabilities or impairments of auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech and visual nature.

We also look at inclusivity and accessibility from the perspective of changed abilities due to ageing, “situational limitations” (think bright sunlight or no audio access), mobile experiences, things to consider for web experiences on smart watches, smart TVs, and other devices with small screens, as well as limited or slow internet connection.

We hope to make a real impact. If designing for accessibility and inclusivity is also something you are involved in please do get in touch – we’d love to chat through how we could work together and lead by example.

Check back in tomorrow to read the first feature, which is all about visual accessibility and colour blindness.

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