Here it is, the 2018 DisruptSW Index

Yesterday, at our invitation-only launch event, ‘DisruptSW reimagined’, we announced the results of the 2018 DisruptSW Index.

A get together at Loco Klub, Bristol, truly celebrated the top 25 disruptive ventures with headquarters in the region which hold the greatest potential to influence, change or create new markets. The evening was all about celebrating and embracing ‘thinking differently’ and imagination.

The initiative is a collaboration between ADLIB, Foot Anstey and Tällt Ventures . The Index was compiled after ranking South West businesses against three essential ingredients that have enabled them to disrupt their sectors: People, Product and Potential.

Last night, the top five disruptive businesses were also given special recognition, in order of their ranking.

In first place was Micrima, a company with huge disruptive potential owing to their non-invasive and non-ionizing wave technology for detecting breast cancer which received European regulatory approval in 2015, has been trialled on over 400 women in the UK and is currently trialling in European centres.

Riversimple came in second having designed the Rasa, a new car which emits nothing but a tiny amount of water and will do the equivalent of c250 mpg.

Olio was the third top disruptor, a company that connects neighbours with each other and with local shops and cafes so surplus food and other household items can be shared, not thrown away.

Interactive Scientific, number four, has developed the Nano Simbox, an immersive scientific exploration product which helps people think and learn about science.

Sharing fifth place were Healios, a digital mental health platform that combines technology with qualified professionals, and Immersive Labs which has developed a cloud-based platform for real-world cyber security lab exercises via a browser.

The index is truly representative of the diverse business world we enjoy operating in day to day; full of enthusiasm, incredible ideas and breakthroughs in innovation and technology.

“The pace at which businesses are being formed and coming to market is incredible and, similarly, witnessing the growth that can be achieved in the 10 months since our last event is equally impressive. ADLIB has never before been immersed in such a wide-reaching and innovative client base as we do today. And there’s no sign of things slowing down.”

Nick Dean, MD at ADLIB

DisruptSW 2018

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