Dive into Data

ADLIB’s Data recruitment team mission beyond recruitment

Our data team’s vision is to change the misconception what it takes to break into and build a long-term career in data. To help us achieve this, we showcase the many avenues and routes, far beyond the perception that it’s all about being a genius in maths, engineering and science-oriented qualifications and how data brilliance is also fuelled by creative and business orientated minds.

Specifically, we feature the different backgrounds that can lead to a career in data. We share real-life examples of how to get into fields such as Digital Analytics, Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation, whilst showcasing real-life examples of the career paths that have unfolded.

Our Data recruitment team

  • Principal Recruiter

    Data Platform & Architecture

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    Scott Rogers

  • Senior Recruiter

    Data, Insight & Analytics

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    Tegan Fenn

  • Recruiter

    Data Engineering, BI & MLOps

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    Izzy Martin

  • Head of Data

    Insight & Analytics

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    Alex Cosgrove