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eCommerce Platform Engineering is already a big market but is still growing and very quickly at that. Whilst the media is full of stories of misery on the high street, there are also numerous good news articles about online retailing. Whilst most companies now offer their services online – it is still typical for online sales to account for less than 10 or 20% of overall revenue. As such, there is a huge demand for people to develop better eCommerce platforms that help drive up online revenue.

Why consider a career as an eCommerce Platform Engineer?

The global growth outlook for eCommerce is very strong and there are lots of different types of eCommerce platform e.g.: B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2C (Consumer to Consumer), Social eCommerce, Mobile eCommerce and more. By specialising in eCommerce platforms you can align yourself with this expanding industry – resulting in demand for your skills that should result in excellent remuneration.

Typical role titles include

SAP Hybris Consultant
Oracle ATG Engineer
Salesforce Demandware Analyst
Magento Programmer
WooCommerce Developer
eCommerce Plugin Engineer

Career progression example

Wordpress Developer
PHP Developer
Magento Developer
Certified Magento Consultant

eCommerce Platform Engineers often start out in one of the Web Development languages such as JavaScript, PHP or Java – usually working at a retailer or online merchant. From there, they develop specialist knowledge/certifications for specific platforms.

Salary and Day Rate Benchmarks

Here, we aim to provide an overall range of day rates and salaries.
There are always factors to consider when assigning a day rate and salary to a role, such as the skill demand, location, complexity, level of responsibility as well as what other benefits are on offer, such as remote working. It’s also worth noting that the ‘number of years’ of experience is not an ideal measure. However, as a general guide, it should provide some ballparks and pointers…

At an entry level, Junior eCommerce Platform Engineers will achieve a similar salary to most other Junior Software Engineers e.g. £25k-£35K. As they rise through the seniority rankings, this will move to £50k-£60k for a Senior Engineer or Team Lead. Specialist certifications, functional implementation experience and knowledge of the full lifecycle will take you to the £100k+ roles

Day Rates
At an entry-level, for a junior/graduate a typical day rate would be around the £250 mark, at the mid-level around the £350 mark and seniors can expect a day rate of £450+ as a benchmark.

Is it right for me? The skills it takes…

eCommerce Platform Engineering is essentially a software development role so you will be expected to be an expert programmer. eCommerce platforms are typically high traffic/high transaction & high profile. If a busy platform goes down the costs to a business can run into the millions. As such, eCommerce Platform Engineers need to be able to respond quickly to challenges and be good at solving problems under pressure.

Specialising in one of the commercially available systems would suit engineers that are interested in learning all there is to know about one platform. Even if you are more of a generalist eCommerce Platform Engineer – an interest in the full process of selling products online is highly advantageous.

What qualifications does it take?

BEng Software Engineering | BSc Software Engineering | Oracle Commerce Developer | Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer | Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer.

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Our latest Technology jobs

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Full Stack Developer

  • Remote UK
  • Permanent
  • Up to £60,000

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Fully Remote - Music & Entertainment

🌟 Join a fully remote UK based business committed to growth, integrity, and collaboration.

🌟 Highly supportive working environment with a focus on improving and learning new skills.

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22nd Jul

Solution Specialist

  • Bristol
  • Permanent
  • £40k - £55k

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Incredible opportunity within a creative Agency.

join one of the most respected Magento Agencies in the UK.

Experience with the full Adobe Commerce Suite.

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19th Jul

Mid-Level Shopify Developer

  • South-West
  • Permanent
  • £35k - £45k

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Creating Headless eCommerce sites

Long standing Shopify Agency with an incredible reputation.

Need experience with Headless CMS.

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26th Jun



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