For our Communities – Since our 2020 impact report as a B Corp we have…

  • Sophie, our SE Tech Team Manager has successfully launched MotherBoard. A Charter, community and event series that has been created to drive positive change throughout the UK Technology and Data sectors. Creating environments that support the inclusion of working mothers offers a significant solution to the shortage of talent across the Technology and Data sectors.
  • Alex, our Head of Data has co-founded the ‘Tech Ethics’ meetup group. ‘Tech Ethics’ considers the benefits of AI and emerging technologies, but also the challenges and ethical concerns of the social implication and potential unintended consequences these technologies can have on our society.
  • Mike, our SW Head of Tech, has helped to grow the ‘GreenTech South West’ community to 1000 members and is currently implementing an impact measurement report that will evidence tangible change created within the community in direct response to ‘GreenTech South West’s’ existence.  
  • Nick has become a B Corp Ambassador, supporting fellow B2B service providers on all things B Corp.
  • We’ve joined over 600 companies and pledged our support to the Better Business Act which is fighting for a cleaner, greener, fairer future for all.
  • And finally, we’ve played an active role in the B Local group, encouraging participating and engagement, co-ordinating and leading marketing activity during B Corp month.    

Read our 2021 Annual B Corp Impact Report here.

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