Green Tech: Beyond Recruitment

Each of the ADLIB teams has made a commitment to support a cause close to their hearts, a shared common goal they all believe in and want to champion.

Our Technology teams vision is to increase the awareness of local disruptive green tech businesses and to educate businesses on how they can operate sustainably.

For this, our mission is twofold. We promote and support the growth of ecologically conscious businesses in the South West, those that think sustainability and eco- friendly. They may be developing products and services that will make a positive impact and / or be developing and using digital technologies to help sustain, preserve and improve our natural environment. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, we get involved, we feature, support and champion Green Tech businesses, those that disrupt and are on a similar journey.

On the other hand, we also share practical insights into how every business can do their bit – to operate greener – managing material resources sustainably.

We hope to make a real impact. If Green Tech is also something you are involved in please do get in touch – we’d love to chat through how we could work together to make the South West and this world a little bit greener one step at a time.

Check back in tomorrow to read the first feature, which is all about OLIO and how they use green technology to tackle food waste.

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Mike Harley