Happy Birthday to us!

We’ve turned 15! It’s official. Birthdays are always the time to reflect, take stock and look to the future.

If you know ADLIB, you’ll know that we’re not big on shouting about ourselves and all of our achievements. We prefer to focus on what’s around us, especially on those who have shared our journey. We’re super proud to have supported the growth of so many careers throughout our time and equally enjoyed watching so many brilliant companies and clients flourish and succeed.

Birthdays are also the time to celebrate. In true ADLIB style, we’d not like to make this celebration all about us. A lot changes in 15 years, in our careers, our lives, our business environments. We’d like to share and feature the paths some of our friends have taken over the past 15 years, alongside some predictions of what may lie ahead for them.

Keep an eye out for our “What a difference 15 years make” series…

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