“What do you like most about being part of Team ADLIB?”

We asked this question internally. Here’s what the team said they enjoy most about being a part of Team ADLIB.

Mia Impey “Being surrounded by lovely, helpful and friendly people and working in collaboration with companies to achieve a shared goal.”

Joe Mawson “The collaboration. I’ve never worked in a place where the entire team are genuinely interested in everyone being successful. The support you receive across the office is unbelievable and when you succeed, you feel like everyone else has succeeded with you!”

Simone Parker “What I love about ADLIB is that it’s broken all of those awful stereotypes recruitment has, there are no more bad Monday’s for me. I can relax on the sofa, listen to music, read a book or pop into town at lunch due to our great location. They’re honest, friendly, supportive, trusting and motivating. Everyone supports each other no matter what market we are in, we want each other to succeed which is so new to me in recruitment. I was on a mission to find the best agency where I would fit in and be recognised for my efforts, I have found that with ADLIB.”

Rich Hales “Culture, true culture. Not free lunches or a beers fridge, those are perks. But ADLIB has a genuine atmosphere of team work and collaboration. Everyone is dialled into creating success as a whole. Each day I feel my actions are valued and impact the business. ”

Francesca Fleming “Along with the fridge full of prosecco for our celebrations, I love our office, the location is right in the centre (although sometimes lethal for shopping and amazing food), and we have an open plan office where we can work collaboratively across teams. It’s hard to say what I like most about ADLIB Life, so I’ll pick my top 4: excellent training and clear career progression, working alongside the most talented recruiters I’ve ever met, amazing clients to partner with and an honest way of working, which has created a lovely culture that I am proud to be a part of.

Myles Hickman “Being trusted to get on to work the way that suits you best.”

Ellen Davies “There’s such a great culture. Everyone’s really social and supportive so it feels like you’ve got a good group of mates here.”

Sam Firth ADLIB

Sam Firth “I’m a big fan of the design of the office. It’s got everything we need (including FIFA). As for ADLIB life; I do and will always love our core values. It’s a highly ethical business in an industry that is plagued by malpractice, I wouldn’t’ do recruitment anywhere else.”

Stacey Tylisczuk “What I love about ADLIB is that nothing is built on KPIs for KPIs sake. This is an environment where you are encouraged to put forward your own ideas, to contribute to change, and most of all – to be yourself. I know for sure that working for ADLIB is as unique as it could be, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

Beth Doherty “Being in a lovely open office with so much personality, and to work alongside so many driven people that I consider friends makes coming into work every day a pleasure.”

Alex Cosgrove

Alex Cosgrove “Actually enjoying coming to work! Working in a lovely environment in our brand new office with a fancy kitchen and a fridge full of Thatchers is great! On top of that, working with hard-working, but down to earth and amusing colleagues makes it actually a great place to be for the working week. Doesn’t hurt that we have some massive bean bags to chill on when we need a break either!”

Esther Rayson “This isn’t just a job. Having the pleasure of working with such a unique bunch of personalities, in a bright and positive environment makes work not feel like work.”

George Cumberlidge ADLIB

George Cumberlidge “I love being able to grab one of our really smart meeting rooms to either collaborate with a colleague or just to sit in silence and get in the zone. You can work hard with some great consultants to then be able to wind down at the end of the day for a game of Ping Pong and a cold brewski from the beer fridge. Not only can you enjoy your time during work but we also have a great social aspect out of hours, the people here are awesome.”

Adam Kamal “The culture. There are no big egos here and the competitive side of things are saved for FIFA and 5-a-side. Everyone is here for the same reason and to work together to help each other reach their goals.”

Kevin King “My favourite thing about working here is the established relationships with so many amazing businesses and organisations, enabling us to be as successful as we desire. The energy within the business is always very positive and collaborative too which is a real pleasure and privilege to be apart of.”

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