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Dom joined us in May 2021 with 3 ½ years of recruitment experience, three of which were spent recruiting in B2B Marketing, so for us his experience couldn’t have been a better fit. It wasn’t just Dom’s experience that fitted though, if you’ve ever worked with Dom you’ll know that he brings boundless energy and positivity to everything he does, and his customer-centric values were a strong match from the first conversation that we had with him.

Since joining, Dom has excelled in winning new clients for ADLIB, many of which stem from long-lasting relationships built over the past few years. He knows everybody, and they always call him up when they need his support.

In his first quarter, Dom billed twice his target and has consistently overachieved since then. As well as being the lead on our South West B2B Marketing desk, Dom has sat on our employee council, helped support less experienced members of the team with their onboarding and development, and he brings in new vacancies for other teams at ADLIB on a weekly basis.  It’s fair to say he is smashing it!

Dom heard about ADLIB whilst working in competition with us. He got in touch with us directly when he decided it was time to move companies and we’re very happy that he did.

Here, Dom shares his experience, in particular, what his first 6 months with us have been like, what he thinks makes ADLIB who we are, and what matters most to him.

I’d noticed ADLIB quite a lot in the market, I’d been in recruitment for three and a half years and I just kept coming up against these guys, quite annoyingly, but I always liked their style and I thought they were cool. I thought it was quite an innovative, free-thinking kind of organization. Previously I’d been in quite a corporate environment, and I always felt a bit of a maverick, I wasn’t exactly ‘corporate’ or a stuffy suit kind of person and I just didn’t feel like I belonged in the right place.

I needed something more than just working, and for me it was a company that gives people purpose…that’s what I needed, a purpose. So, after a hard day of work, I reached out to Nick on a whim and he came back to me immediately and said, “are you free for a call?”. So, his response time was impeccable and then we got talking for a while, kept in touch, then I finally met Steve for a coffee. It spiralled from there and here I am!

My first impressions were that the atmosphere and the way ADLIB go about recruitment is different, the way they held themselves as a business was different. It felt a lot more relaxed and it was evident everyone actually cared about doing a good job and cared about other people.

For me personally, I appreciate being able to work the way I want to work, there’s no micromanagement and you’re respected and treated like a human being. There’s none of those usual corporate hierarchies, it just doesn’t exist, everyone has value and that’s just very apparent. It feels like everyone always wants the best solution in every scenario so everyone wants to work things out and work together, there’s no ego.

How do we become better and how do we get better at things?
There’s always support and there’s always people willing to go above and beyond to try to help you there here at ADLIB. That’s one big thing to say, there is lots of support and focus on moving forward and improving.

Personally, I look forward to helping others and supporting them within the business, I think I can help add value with the experience I’ve gained over the years, particularly around business development.

One of the things I love about working at ADLIB is the reputation we have in the market around our values and status as a B Corp.

It’s clear we do genuinely care about making good change, and not just recruitment. For example, the work we do with our community groups and events (Motherboard, Green Tech Southwest etc), it attracts good people and like-minded people who then want to find businesses with similar values or businesses who want to find those people to employ. It’s almost like we’re a middle-ground because of our values and where we are currently as an organization, that allows these two communities to interact with one another, which is great.

I really appreciate the freedom and flexibility of the work from home policy, meaning I have control over the days I come into the office or login from home. Being flexible whilst having a young kid is huge, sometimes things change, they get ill or whatever it is, at ADLIB it’s just not a problem to have to go home and pick up my son or attend a doctor or dentist appointment, I enjoy having the respect.

Looking at the future, I’m currently focused on delivering good service to candidates and clients but I will probably go the management route at some stage – I’m really enjoying helping people across the teams and offering advice as best I can.

Thank you Dom for sharing!

Dom is a Senior Consultant on a career path to Principal level and beyond. He brings together all manner of Senior and Head of level roles, as well as specialists in Marketing Ops/Automation, CRM, and Comms. His clients include blue chip organisations, SMEs, start-ups and high growth scale-ups across the South West, including many that are B Corp certified or businesses with a purpose beyond profit.

The Marketing Recruitment team has big plans for growth over the rest of 2022 and beyond, particularly in the South East and London where we have an engaged client base already and more vacancies inbound than we can currently handle. Whether you’ve only got a little bit of recruitment experience or you’re looking for a Senior or Principal Recruiter role, if you share our values there’s a huge career opportunity for you here at ADLIB.

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