Meet the Office Dogs of the South West!

We previously wrote about the benefits our clients see for having an office dog or encouraging their employees to bring their dogs to work.

When we meet our clients, we also get to meet some of those incredible dogs out there in the South West, keeping offices and agencies productive, interactive, calm, positive and happy. So we wanted to create a space here to feature all those office dogs that we hear about, meet or come across during our day-to-day conversations and meetings.

Here it is, what a prime-quality lineup….

Bailey, the Office Pup of ThirtyThree

Having Bailey means you can take a break for a few minutes and focus on cuddles rather than emails. It’s a great stress reliever and she helps brighten up the office, especially when she greets you at the door first thing in the morning.

Kate Kew, Operations Manager at ThirtyThree

The Office Pups of Great State

The founders of the business had a dog, so dogs have been part of our working world forever. We have lots of dog lovers in the office who really appreciate having our furry friends around. They are funny, naughty, cute, comforting and make you stop and take a moment every now and then to just enjoy them. Dogs (most) tend to love being with humans and it’s well documented they have a positive mental and physical benefit for us so it’s a win-win 🐶💕

Vicki James, Director at Great State

Maisie, the Office Pup of Rally

This is Maisie the 18-month cockapoo. Maisie’s infectious personality puts a smile on everyone’s face and helps make Rally a happy and positive place to work. Not to mention the on-tap cuddles and face-licks.

Ali Meredith, Co-founder and Client Services at Rally

Maya, the Office Pup of Beyond Retail

Maya is our sassy Samoyed, and she is a welcome addition to our working lives here at Beyond Retail. She’s always up for a game of ball (we can’t call it ‘fetch’ as she doesn’t bring it back), and most importantly she will come and place an affectionate paw on your lap if you’re having a tough day.

She keeps us laughing all day long with ever-changing ploys to get more attention from our staff, and can often be found waiting dutifully by the door when our Warehouse Manager is due in the office for a meeting, as he likes to illegally smuggle a sausage from his breakfast in for her. She’s so much a part of life here that she’s even on our wall mural, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Alison Morton, Recruitment & Training Manager at Beyond Retail

Bruce the Office Pup of POPcomms

Why dogs in the office? Why not. As soon as they wander in they bring a smile to everybody’s face, they’re part of the team and their love is unconditional. They’re like our own in-house karma merchant – people have their own little conversations with Bruce or Otto, letting off steam or just rebalancing themselves. They’re a great ice breaker with clients too, often more enthusiastic with clients than we are, and a great talking point before getting stuck into work, they just diffuse that initial tension.

Damjan Haylor, Managing Director at POPcomms

Kia, the Office Pup of DC Activ

Kia the Cockapoo our resident office dog is often joined by Buster, Belle, Ozzy, Chester or Murphy. We love our office dogs – as well as a calming influence they force us to take more breaks from our screens for an ear scratch or play tug. And as we are near fields no one needs an excuse to have a dog walk at lunchtime.

Clients love it too and it’s a good ice breaker for those more formal meetings. We have had some sandwiches go missing mind…..!

Laura Parry, Client and Operations Director at DC Activ

What an adorable bunch! We’ll also be sharing additional office dog snaps over on our Instagram for your viewing pleasure.

Could an ADLIB coordinated Crufts be on the horizon?

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