#Veganuary in the workplace feat. Viva!

One of the aims of our Green Tech initiative is to educate businesses on how they can operate sustainably and ways that they can introduce and improve their green operations and impact on the environment, regardless of the sector in which they operate, to contribute to an eco-friendly collective.

Going vegan can make an environmental impact and as it’s #veganuary, we caught up with Roisin McAuley, PR & Marketing Manager at Viva! to gather some facts and also tips if you would like to encourage the #veganuary challenge in your own business.

ADLIB: For some background, who is Viva! And what makes your business offering unique?

Roisin: Viva! is positively vegan – something which makes us quite unique. We fight against animal cruelty and environmental damage, by encouraging more and more people to adopt a kinder, vegan diet. Every step towards being vegan is a positive one and Viva! provides all the info you could ever want about going, being and staying vegan – or moving in that direction.

ADLIB: Can you share a few key areas where Viva! has seen the most success/made the biggest environmental impact?

Roisin: Our biggest environmental success is by creating a whole bunch of new vegans! We campaign on the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. Factory farming is at the heart of almost every huge environmental catastrophe, including the climate crisis. Viva! presents the latest scientific research in our headline report Envirocidal and our Vegan Now campaign helps people move towards less resource-intensive diets, by choosing vegan.

Our Vegan Now film went viral on YouTube, reaching over a million people. The campaign was supported by Fearne Cotton and James May and launched in Brighton fronted by Michael Mansfield QC – one of the leading barristers in the UK. By reaching so many people and urging them to go vegan, we will be having a big environmental impact.

ADLIB: From your perspective, what can businesses be doing to get their teams engaged in #veganuary?

Roisin: Businesses should definitely be encouraging their teams to try vegan this #veganuary. They should consider supplying plant-based milk for teas and coffee during the month of January, having team outings to vegan restaurants or high-street chains who are introducing vegan menus this month and hosting awareness sessions about the environmental, health and animal impacts of meat and dairy. We have masses of information on our website and have even partnered with Veganuary to help share the word! Use our signup link and check out our Vegan Recipe Club for lots of delicious, tried-and-tested recipes.

Thanks so much for sharing, Roisin!

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