MotherBoard Impact Report 2022

We are proud to share the first annual Impact Report from MotherBoard – the non-profiting initiative that is powered by ADLIB and sponsored by Not On The Highstreet. MotherBoard is a Business Charter, Event Series and Community that is creating real long-term change for mums working in the tech industry.

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Over the last 12 months the Motherboard Community and Charter have offered a platform for people to connect and discuss taboo subjects, whilst our growing signatories have committed to, and achieved change. Topics include:

Mentorship • Promotion & leadership • Coding courses & funding • Infertility • Pregnancy • Sexism • Racism • Parental bias • Miscarriage • Menopause • Toxic cultures • Still birth • Redundancy in pregnancy • NDA’s

Within the report you will see the positive impact MotherBoard have achieved since launching in 2021, we are excited to see what the next year holds!

We hope you enjoy having a read, if you would like to hear more about MotherBoard please get in touch with Sophie or email the team at

View MotherBoard impact report

MotherBoard is a Business Charter, Community, Event Series, and Podcast driving tangible change for mums working in the tech & data industry. We are on a mission to transform the industry to be more inclusive of mothers by tackling stigmas and supporting employers who want to create real change.

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