MotherBoard Speaker Feature – Caz Henderson

Ahead of their in-person event “Mind the Gap: How Companies Can Close the Parent Divide in Tech” at MOO HQ in London, MotherBoard had a chance to speak with one of our speakers, Caz Henderson, Engineering Team Lead – MOO

A bit of background, who are you, what do you do and where do you work?

I am Caz, Engineering Team Lead and also parent to 3 young people. I’m also neurodivergent in that I have ADD.  In my role I look after and lead a team of talented engineers. As a parent I’m a coach/mentor/mental health first aider/nutritionist/personal chauffeur and cleaner to list just a few of the things! I work from home most of the time,  in a lovely town called St Neots. I go to the Camden office about 3 times a month. Love working from there with the recent renovations its a light and airy space to work in.

Why is it so important for everyone to keep the topic of diversity in tech at the top of the agenda?

We are ALL different – from backgrounds, education, nationality, abilities, skills, everything about us makes us  unique.  Tech is a space that has predominately been white male dominated in the past – I’m interested in changing the future which is even more important as we are seeing more diversity in the workplace and we need to embrace, learn, grow and encourage diversity. Diversity enables us to embrace new ideas/perspectives/solutions and brings in better ways to solve problems and improve decision making.

What are you most looking forward to about the MotherBoard/ MOO event?

I am really  looking forward to sharing stories, experiences and seeing  things from a different perspective too. I want to learn about other ways we can improve and create better environments that welcome diversity.

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