MotherBoard Speaker Feature – Dr Ama Frimpong

Ahead of our in-person event on May 18th, 4pm – 7pm “Mind the Gap: How Companies Can Close the Parent Divide in Tech” at MOO HQ in London, we had a chance to speak with one of our speakers, Dr Ama Frimpong, Head of Product Development at 52 North Health.

MotherBoard: A bit of background, who are you, what do you do and where do you work?

Ama is Head of Product Development at 52 North Health Ltd, where she leads the company’s engineering teams. She is a multi-award-winning engineer including being named the 2022 Young Woman Engineer of the Year by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Top 50 Women in Engineering (Inventors and Innovators) by the Women’s Engineering Society. 

She is passionate about increasing the numbers, support available, success and advancement of women in STEM/STEAM roles. She works with organisations such as the Institutions of Engineering and Technology (IET), Mechanical Engineers (iMechE), Women’s Engineering Society (WES), One2One Mentoring Network and Bridges for Enterprise – all to advance and equip the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. 

She is also founder of the Invent Foundation, an organisation set up to bridge the digital skills gap in the UK and globally, via the provision of 3D technology skills such as CAD modelling, 3D printing, graphic design, virtual and augmented reality.

MotherBoard: Why is it so important for everyone to keep the topic of diversity in tech at the top of the agenda?

Technology and all innovation are made possible by the brilliant minds behind it… even artificial intelligence is biased by the data it is fed. 

If we truly want to create and enable a world where technology is fit for purpose for the masses – sans bias (conscious or unconscious) then we need to make sure the brilliants mind that come up with these innovations are from diverse backgrounds! 

MotherBoard: What are you most looking forward to about the MotherBoard/ MOO event?

I’m looking forward to meeting, hearing and sharing experiences with the amazing women at MOO and their associates. Ultimately, I’m most excited about taking away some key learnings to ensure mothers and women across organisations are heard, supported and encouraged to be the rockstars that they really are. 

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