P | P | P – Advice on Gaining Investment Pt. 4

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As part of article series ‘Product | People | Potential’ we have interviewed many fantastic UK start-ups and scale-ups, all with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Here, we’ve rounded-up some of the best ‘Investment Wisdom’ advice from the series to date, that we hope will be helpful and inspiring.

Pedro @ Neobe Therapeutics: Collaborate! Don’t be afraid to share the control and use your network, obviously don’t throw information away, but find the right partners to help you build your products. And secondly, don’t be afraid to speak with everyone who will meet with you – everyone has connection that may be able to open a door for you and your company.
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Sarah @ Agreed Earth: You need to be resilient and be ready for the many conversations you will be having with potential customers and investors. Investors particularly are looking to your commitment – they want to see that you are passionate and in it for the long haul, so making sure that you are really focused and committed to the problem you want to solve is key.
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Ed @ Carbogenics My advice would be finding a network through your board, your advisory board or your contacts and make sure that you have people who actually have experience of raising investment. You also need to prioritise; if you are the CEO and are coordinating the raise, there are so many things you could be spending your time on, you need to be spending 70-80% focusing on the fundraise otherwise the chances are you will not achieve the timetable you’ve aimed for.
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The other point is to have a good values and culture fit with your investor – having really open lines of communication, transparency and trust is always going to be the foundation of a good relationship.

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