Renewable Energy (onshore, offshore & marine) jobs and careers

As a discipline, Renewable Energy (onshore, offshore & marine) combines a wide range of principles such as Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydro energy, Tidal energy, Geothermal energy and Biomass energy.

Why consider a career within Renewable Energy? 

A career in Renewable Energy exposes you to an array of amazing industries. Your work can have you working on the design of new product innovation, from Wind farms to the full design/lifecycle of Solar parks. This is a highly rewarding industry, due to the positive impact it has on the planet, people as well as future generations.

What a job or career in Renewable Energy may entail… 

A career in Renewable Energy is rewarding, you will be involved in projects that have a positive impact on our planet and these projects can be located all over the world. Due to the ongoing growth and investment into the sector, there are always opportunities for personal development and growth within large organisations as well as SMEs that operate in this sector.

As a Renewable Energy professional, you often have the opportunity to work across the full product life cycle. Depending on the company and your position, this will be from requirements stages, through to design, production, manufacturing, delivery and continuous improvement stages.

On a principal level, you will have a mix of hands-on design, innovation, and leadership responsibilities. You will often be charged with liaising with senior management, to work through existing issues with technology and the ways in which the team can push the technology forward. You may also be leading and mentoring the more junior Engineers that are part of the team. Depending on your company, you may also be tasked with compiling and presenting on the current state of your product or project life cycle, and how you intend to take it forward.

Typical role titles include: 

Land Manager
Project Development Manager
Construction Manager
Asset Manager
Grid Manager
Solar Engineer
Wind Engineer
Project Manager
Energy Analyst
Solar Sales Manager

Career progression example: 


Salary Benchmarks 

This often comes down to speciality, location, experience and whether you pursued a masters.

Entry-level salaries range from £25k – £32k.

Mid-level salaries, normally sit between £30k and £50k.

Seniors normally earn between £45k and £60k.

On a Principal level, you would be looking for £60k – £80k.

Is it right for me? The skills it takes… 

Depending on your speciality you will need experience with the software used, report writing, low and zero carbon technologies, client management, and a passion for a greener future.

What qualifications does it take?

Often, clients will look for you to hold a Bsc in Engineering, Renewable Energy, Mathematics or Physics. Otherwise, they will look for candidates who have undertaken an apprenticeship related to the field. A technical background, be it academic or industry-related, is normally necessary to secure a role in the field.

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Our latest Sustainability jobs

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Purpose Driven

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  • Permanent
  • Up to £44,000

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Renewable energy supplier in the UK.

Help the transition to net zero.

Top 100 companies to work for in the UK.

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17th May

Land Acquisition Manager – Illinois

Purpose Driven

  • Boston
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Large scale Solar & BESS development

Agriculturally focused developer.

Community Solar & BESS projects.

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15th May

Solar Operations Manager

Purpose Driven

  • Boston
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Established developer in the Solar Industry.

Opportunity to progress your career into management.

Community Solar & BESS projects.

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14th May