Software Engineering and Web Development jobs and careers

As a developer, you will be responsible for applications using specific languages and technologies that are relevant to your project – this could be front-end or back-end web development. The role in itself can be particularly varied when dealing with bespoke customer requirements on top of new feature requests and general enhancements.

Why consider a career as a Developer / Software Engineer?

Every day you’ll be presented with new challenges. You’re an engineer working on potentially very complex problems. You need to know how to figure things out, and if you don’t, you need to learn it on the job. Good developers are in high demand. Local companies are desperate to find talent. Many times you experiment with technologies, only to find that’s not a good way, so you choose a different path. Every time you write a new program, you learn something new.

What a Developer / Software Engineer career or job may entail…

Front-End: With strong hand-coding skills, you’ll be working with new code (often in an Agile and TDD environment) or you may be maintaining existing code. Core duties can include; skinning and personalising new ad formats based on user behaviours and data insights, creating dynamic land page builder, building search engine term optimised ads and landing page formats and a greenfield ad builder solution for banners and dynamic ads.

Back-End: You often contribute to technical design discussions formulating your own ideas and experimenting with cutting edge tech. Your main responsibility will be to design and develop layers of applications and to coordinate with a team working on different layers of the infrastructure. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and quality product is essential. Together with a team, you may be responsible for core development of products and services. You may be developing one core platform or develop new products and services.

Typical role titles include

Front-End Developer
UI Developer
UX Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Web Developer
Back-End Developer
PHP Developer
Ruby Developer
JavaScript Developer
Python Developer
.Net Developer
Mobile Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
React Developer
Angular Developer
Node Developer
Front-End Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Developer
Java Developer
C++ Developer

Career progression example

Senior Developer
Lead Developer
Senior Software Engineer
Tech Lead
Development Manager
Software Engineering Manager
Head of Development
Head of Mobile Development

Salary and Day Rate Benchmarks

Here, we aim to provide an overall range of day rates and salaries.
There are always factors to consider when assigning a day rate and salary to a role, such as the skill demand, location, complexity, level of responsibility as well as what other benefits are on offer, such as remote working. It’s also worth noting that the ‘number of years’ of experience is not an ideal measure. However, as a general guide, it should provide some ballparks and pointers…


Junior Developer roles tend to range from £26-40K with midweight roles from £40-55K and senior positions beginning from £55K+.

Day Rates

At an entry-level, for a junior/graduate a typical day rate would be around the £300 mark, at the mid-level around the £400 mark and seniors can expect a day rate of £450+ as a benchmark.

Is it right for me? The skills it takes…

Popular skills required for these roles include:

Java | .Net / C# | PHP | Front-End | JavaScript | Python | Ruby | Objective-C / Swift | Android | TypeScript  | Go | HTML | CSS.

What qualifications does it take?

A BSc/MS degree in IT, computer science or computer engineering is often desirable but by no means essential. There are many certifications available within different tech stacks, in particular for Microsoft.Net, PHP CMS, Java and others.

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Our latest Technology jobs

We connect ambitious organisations with their greatest assets, equally ambitious talent.

.Net Developer

Purpose Driven

  • South Wales
  • Permanent
  • up to £45K

Full details

EdTech Scale-up

Join a thriving EdTech company with 33% revenue year-on-year.

Up to £45K DOE + a very good benefits package.

Full details

18th Apr

Lead Software Engineer

Purpose Driven

  • Hampshire
  • Permanent
  • up to £75K

Full details

// MedTech Start-up

Medical device software, detailed development and strategy.

Salary up to £75K + share options and benefits.

Full details

18th Apr

Senior Full Stack Developer

  • Central London twice a week.
  • Permanent
  • Up to £85,000

Full details

Hybrid working - 2 days a week on site in Central London.

Market-leading Blockchain start-up based in London.

Highly experienced team, progressive technology stack.

Full details

18th Apr


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