Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

To shed some light on ‘what a career in social media looks like’, we are catching up with a range of Social Media Professionals to showcase career journeys and paths into the industry. This series is inspired by the upcoming Social Media Week Bristol; which is designed to upskill, inform, explore ideas and opportunities and further the conversation on key issues in media, marketing and technology.

Next up, please meet Olivia Tripp, Founder of social agency; Weekend:IN. Specialising in helping independent brands grow their digital audiences, we caught up with to talk about the wisdom she’s gathered throughout the process of starting a business in Bristol.

Olivia started her career by interning at various companies; helping her discover her interest in marketing, social media and comms. With a keen eye for aesthetics and design, she landed a role as a digital marketer for luxury lingerie brand – Fleur of England. Understanding the growing importance of online influencers, she soon gained Instagram powerhouses Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner as fans of the company, instantly highlighting the brand to a global network.

After three years with Fleur, Olivia decided to follow her gut and take the plunge with her own business; Weekend:IN. There was always a clear vision; to work with independent and inspiring brands on growing their audience.

Starting your own business can be incredibly tough, so we wanted to find out what lessons she’s learned on her own career journey.

Now, Olivia, in an attempt to capture some of the wisdom you’ve gained as a professional so far, what are “5 stand-out things” you’ve learned within the past few years, while working within digital marketing and during the process of making the jump from Digital Executive to founding agency, Weekend:IN?

Olivia says:

Not everyone is your perfect customer

It brings me so much joy to work for the RIGHT clients. Clients that I want to support and I find exciting to work with. There’s no point trying to look like you can do everything for everybody when you then might end up working with a client that doesn’t excite you or push you creatively. Have an internal checklist that you tick off before working with your clients and trust your gut if things don’t seem quite right. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a contract that isn’t fulfilling for both of you and someone else may be much better suited for the job.

Grow a team

I’ve always been an advocate of getting help in your business, whether it’s for something you aren’t good enough at/or something that you can do easily but is also easy to delegate out. Don’t keep piling up your plate with things that others could easily help out with. One of my favourite parts about growing my business so far has been growing my team, the support they give me is crucial, and it also means I can focus on the things that are most important (and enjoyable) more often too.

Make time for your personal life (and go on holiday!)

Of course, there are times as a business owner that you have to work evenings and weekends, but this shouldn’t be every day/week. Give yourself the headspace you need by taking a break from your work. I speak to so many business owners that haven’t been on holidays for years as they’re scared of what that means for the business, if you’ve worked things out well and have the right support in place, you can easily take that well-deserved break. The best I’ve ever felt about my business was after a 5-week break travelling around America – I came back refreshed, excited and motivated to work hard and do well for my clients.

Build a community around you of people who ‘get it’

There’s nothing worse than trying to explain your business problems and worries to a close family member, friend or worse… your boyfriend. I’ve had many arguments with the latter when discussing business matters. Stick to talking to people who get it! I’m so lucky to have built a small group of other business owners that I can talk to about my work. I also have just started working with a mentor which is an invaluable experience that I think everyone should have!

Have fun with it!

What is the point of growing a successful business if you can’t enjoy it! Do things that excite you and surround yourself with people and projects that are fun. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Thanks so much for sharing!

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