Sustainability Consultancy jobs and careers

Sustainability Consultancy is a discipline that may combine all aspects of sustainability, depending on the main aims of the consultancy. Ultimately, it’s all about providing professional knowledge to clients on how they and their projects can be more sustainable.

Why consider a career within Sustainability Consultancy? 

A career in Sustainability Consulting is rewarding and you are likely to be involved in multiple projects across multiple clients. You will need to have strong project management skills and due diligence, as you may be working on multiple projects and your work is likely to involve a range of technologies. Each day should be different, which means this is a role of constant progression and it may evolve constantly with the worlds around you.

What a job or career within Sustainability Consultancy may entail…

Working for a consultancy, you will be working closely with clients, to ensure they improve the sustainability aspects of their projects. Typically, you will be involved with and are considering the local eco-systems, communities, compliance, environmental legislations, energy waste, energy improvements and energy performance.

Typical role titles include: 

Sustainability Consultant (Technical, Power Systems, Engineering, Low Carbon, Energy Management)
EIA Project Manager
Commercial Manager

Career progression example:

Director of Department
Head of Department
Principal Consultant
Senior Consultant

Salary Benchmarks

This often comes down to speciality, location, experience, and whether you pursued a masters.

On an Entry-level, you may earn between £25k – £32k.

The salaries of Mid-level Engineers normally sit between £35k and £50k.

Seniors normally earn between £45k and £65k.

Principal Engineers normally earn around £65k and £80k.

On a Head of Department level, salaries are £80k +.

Is it right for me? The skills it takes… 

The following technologies and skills often appear on job descriptions:

  • SECR and ESOS.
  • Energy performance recommendations (onshore, offshore & marine).
  • Carbon footprinting.
  • Presentations to internal, external stakeholders and clients.
  • Carbon emissions.
  • Business Development.
  • Preparing bid documentation.

What qualifications does it take? 

Clients often look for candidates to hold a Bsc in Product Design, Mathematics, Physics, Renewable Energy Engineering or Computer Science. Otherwise, they may look for candidates who have undertaken an apprenticeship related to the field. A technical background, either academic or industry-related is normally necessary to secure a role in this field.

Our Sustainability recruitment team

  • Head Of Tech (Permanent)

    CTO/Leads, Developers, GreenTech

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    Mike Harley

  • Head of Science & Engineering

    Science & Innovation

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    Roy Bennett

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Our latest Sustainability jobs

We connect ambitious organisations with their greatest assets, equally ambitious talent.

Senior Policy Consultant

Purpose Driven

  • Glasgow
  • Permanent
  • £30-£47k

Full details

Join an independent B-Corp environmental consultancy focused on a circular economy for products, materials and waste.

Senior role working at the forefront of environmental policy developments.

Work for a company ranked in the top 5% of B-Corps within the same size group.

Full details

09th Jan

Waste Strategy Workstream Lead

Purpose Driven

  • Bristol
  • Permanent
  • £40k-£59k

Full details

Join an independent B-Corp Environmental Consultancy in a senior position.

Lead role specialising in Waste Strategy.

Work for a company ranked in the top 5% of B-Corps within the same size group.

Full details

21st Dec