Tech Ethics Bristol – AI & the Future of Work

ADLIB are thrilled to be a sponsor of “AI & the Future of Work”, an in-person event exploring how AI will affect the future of work from recruitment to skills augmentation and more.

Taking place on Wednesday 12th October at Framework in Bristol. This event is part of the Bristol Tech Festival.

At this event, we will be exploring how AI will affect the future of work from recruitment to skills augmentation and more.

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Meet the Speakers

“The politics of automation and AI at work” by Dr Harry Pitts.

The threat of automation has been associated with the great political realignments of our time, as routine workers most at risk have expressed the insecurity and vulnerability they face through make a decisive difference in the electoral fortunes of populists at the ballot box.
Meanwhile, new professional groups are placed in a position where their jobs and conditions are at stake through advances in AI and other new technologies, with unpredictable political consequences.

This talk will focus on the politics of automation and AI at work, how these dynamics might unfold, and what can be done about it. In particular, it will consider the intergenerational experience of periods of great technological and economic change, how workers weathered these periods in the past, and what we might be able to learn today. By contextualising technological change in its historical, political and economic setting, we can avoid utopian and dystopian hype and confront the challenge in the here and now.

About the Speaker:

Dr Harry Pitts is a Senior Lecturer in the Work, Employment, Organisation & Public Policy group at the recently-launched University of Bristol Business School, and a Co-Investigator of the new Economic & Social Research Council Centre for Sociodigital Futures.

Skills-focussed HR – a practical solution to an ethical challenge by Dr. Jared Skey Head of Growth – Cognisess

The working world is in the midst of one of the biggest challenges of our times: task automation. Automation results in more complex work meaning the ‘ideal employee profile’ is changing. There is an ethical imperative to support the workforce through these transitions via upskilling/reskill/redeploy programmes.

To do this we need a detailed understanding of the skills landscape prior to commencing the automation initiatives. We also need to understand the skills that are needed in the future.

We need to decide who can cross the skills gap and what help will they need?

How to answer this question will be brought to life through a case study focusing on call centre hiring and the challenges faced during the transition to the workforce of the future.

About the Speaker:

Jared Skey is a PhD-qualified, award-winning management consultant with sales and delivery experience across the Data and Analytics industry. He has experience building and leading high-performing, geographically distributed teams and delivering lasting business change.

“AI Recruitment tools – pitfalls and challenges” by Alex Cosgrove, Head of Data, Insight & Analytics Recruitment – ADLIB Recruitment.

AI and Machine Learning have a huge amount of use cases, often around automating time-consuming tasks, so it frees up more time for making decisions. There are a plethora of AI & ML Recruitment tools out there to make the lives of Recruiters, both in-house and agency based easier. These can range from automated CV scanning & parsing tools to behavioural assessments, chatbots, automated updates, facial recognition interviewing tools and mass LinkedIn mail & sourcing software. Whilst it’s great to automate more mundane tasks, there needs to be careful consideration and investigation of the potential issues within these tools when it comes to bias, discrimination, missing non-traditional applicants and spamming irrelevant candidates. All of these can have reputational damage to businesses, and individuals; increased bias and reduce diversity when it comes to recruiting.
In this talk, Alex will be presenting some of these tools, what they do, and the areas that must be considered before starting to use them.

About the speaker:

Alex Cosgrove is one of the Co-Founders of Tech Ethics Bristol. He has over 12 years of experience recruiting in the Analytics, Data Science & Machine Learning space and has worked with companies from high-growth tech start-ups to international investment banks. He has an educational background in law & psychology and is passionate about discussing AI, Data & Technology Ethics.

When & Where

Wednesday 12th October
6 pm to 8.30 pm
Networking session with drinks and nibbles.
Framework co-working space.

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