Tech Ethics Bristol – Ethical Dilemmas in Technology- Special Event.

Tickets for Tech Ethics Bristol’s special event are now available! Don’t miss out on a place for Ethical dilemmas in Technology on Thursday 8th December, 6pm – 8.30pm.

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Machines are making more and more decisions about our lives, reshaping our social interactions, the way we work, the news and opinions we have access to and many other aspects of our lives.

But is this a positive development or a tale of caution?

Come and join the next Tech Ethics Bristol “Ethical dilemmas in Technology” special event, where we will be exploring some of the ethical issues in today’s technology.

From positions of techno-optimism to a vision of a dystopian future, in this interactive event, you, the audience, will be invited to choose an ethical dilemma and come up with a way to achieve the best possible outcome.

In part a game and part a group debate, you will be invited to analyse tricky questions where there is no easy answer.

Help us to shape the programme for 2023!

We’ll open the stage for the audience to speak and present a topic or subject of interest that they would like to see next year.

This is an interactive session and spaces are limited, so get your FREE ticket before it’s too late!

The details:
Thursday 8th December
6-8:30 pm
Framework, Bristol
Networking session with drinks and nibbles.

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