Tech Ethics Bristol Event #5 – The Rise of Ethical Investments

ADLIB are pleased to be sponsoring the first in-person Tech Ethics Bristol event of 2022: The Rise of Ethical Investments.

Over the past few years, ethical investing has started to grow in popularity and a lot of investors are starting to look at these metrics when looking to invest in new companies and products. In 2021, the government released a new policy paper entitled “Greening Finance: A Roadmap to Sustainable Investing”. There was even a global investment summit held in October looking to show the UK as firmly the best place for ethical, green and sustainable investment.

ESG is a term that is bandied about regularly, but what does it really mean when it comes to investing and what data points to companies look at when considering whether an investment is ethical, sustainable or fully governed?

When & Where?

Thursday 28th April
6 – 8:30 pm
Framework, 35 King Street.
Price: FREE

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Guest Speakers

To explore this area, Tech Ethics Bristol have reached out to a number of local experts in this field.

We have got some great speakers lined up for you from Rathbones Greenbank – who began their journey into ethical and sustainable investments back in 1997; Bristol and Bath Regional Capital, who specialise in working with investors to support local social projects; Tumelo who can show investors the companies they own through ISA’s and pensions and empowers them to engage on issues they care about; and Hannah Duncan, a specialist writer in the ESG investing space.

We’re really excited to hear the perspectives and opinions of these experts in this space, so we can demystify ESG investing, understand more about the EESG framework, hear about the social side of investing, as well as being able to spot greenwashing where it arises.

Please do come and join us – details are all on the Tech Ethics Bristol Meetup page –


Tech Ethics Bristol is organised by Collective Intelligence.

And sponsored by ADLIB.

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