The ADLIB League of Gentlepeople is Back..

..For its 5th season!

For the last few years, we’ve run an ADLIB family and friends league, which has proved anything but ‘friendly’. With personalised gifts and (more importantly) hotly contested kudos at stake for the winners, we know you’ll love it. 


  • Can anyone stop two-time winner Ian Holliday from a hat-trick of season wins?
  • How exactly can you fit Kane, Aguero and Salah into the team for £100m? Who’s got the most pun-tastic team name?
  • Why are Man Utd’s defenders so expensive?

For the uninitiated, Fantasy Football is (much as you’d imagine) an opportunity to build your very own football squad with a (fictional) £100m budget. Compiled of anyone currently playing in the Premier League, this squad accrues points based on their performance on the pitch in real life. Whether or not you know the offside rule from your elbow, the game is newbie-friendly and easy to get your head around.

All you need to do is click this link, register for an account, build your squad and join our league – the ‘ADLIB League of Gentlepeople’. Go to the League tab then select Create and join new leagues -> Join an existing league -> Join a private league and the league code is  g2ch7b. 

The deadline is 7pm on Friday 9th August, but we’d strongly recommend giving yourself at least an hour or so to wrestle over who to count among your number.

Whether this will be your first or fifth season with us, please spread the word far and wide. The more the absolute merrier!

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