Women in Design

Showcasing knowledge, expert views and wisdom within design.

‘Women In Design’ features, showcases and shares the experiences of women in the design industry. We gather and showcase stories, career journeys, as well as advice and wisdom.

If you’re inspired by the stories and wisdom shared in our ‘Women In Design’ series and would like to contribute your own experiences, we’d love to hear from you. Creatives at all levels, please email us and your story could be the next we feature.

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  • Women In Design feat. Laura Smith

    Introducing Laura Smith, a lead designer at Unboxed, a London-based digital service design and product development agency. In this interview, Laura shares her journey from…

  • Women In Design feat. Hannah Kirkbride

    Introducing Hannah Kirkbride, a Bristol-based Freelance User Researcher and Coach. With a background that includes roles at Dyson and Elvie, Hannah transitioned from being a…

  • Women In Design feat. Ruth Fogden

    Introducing Ruth Fogden, Senior Graphic Designer at ilk Agency in Leeds. Ruth has built a successful career, starting at a small infographic agency in Manchester…

  • Women In Design feat. Natalie Sullivan

    Meet Natalie Sullivan, Director at One Studio. Natalie is a seasoned creative and agency owner based in Nottingham. With over 25 years of experience, Natalie…

  • Women In Design feat. Yee Poon

    Introducing Yee Poon, Senior Designer at Hey! What?, a Bristol creative agency specialising in music, festivals, food, drink and attractions. From her diverse experiences in…

  • Women In Design feat. Jane Seymour

    Introducing Jane Seymour, Head of Design at connective3, a dynamic digital marketing agency based in Leeds. With 8 years of experience in the creative industry, …

  • Women In Design feat. Charlie Edwards

    Introducing Charli Edwards, a seasoned creative with 18 years of diverse experience, currently serving as Creative Director at Cavendish Consulting. Her journey defies tradition, from…

  • Women In Design feat. Lydia Maers

    Introducing Lydia Maers, a graphic and motion designer at Halo in Bristol. Her journey began at the University of Gloucestershire, where her passion for branding…

  • Women In Design feat. Natalie Minto

    Introducing Natalie Minto, co-founder and Operations Director of The Onlii, a sustainable creative agency. With a corporate background in process improvement and procurement, Natalie brings…

  • Women In Design feat. Deanna Bains

    Meet Deanna Bains, a Senior Designer & Illustrator at IRIS Worldwide, London. She’s navigated diverse design avenues, from branding studios to advertising, fostering talent and…

  • Women In Design feat. Sara Foley

    Meet Sara Foley, Senior Designer at Mr B & Friends. Having worked under female creative directors, Saz highlights the importance of representation in role models. Her…

  • Women In Design feat. Carla Ruiz

    Meet Carla Ruiz, a resilient Senior Designer at Bippit. Originally from a scientific background she went on to choose character design over astrophysics and eventually…


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