Welcome Steve: ADLIB’s Learning and Development Manager

One of the latest additions to team ADLIB has been Steve Evans, joining as our very own in-house Learning and Development Manager.

L&D is and has always been important to us. A thorough induction, peer to peer learning, 1-2-1 coaching on a daily basis and a whole team of industry experts to support and mentor on hand has always been a part of ADLIB life, but with this team addition, we are set to take this to a whole new level.

Steve is working on our very own ADLIB Academy, to support internal Learning and Development on all levels, while also introducing a structured Trainee Programme.

All this is set to support us through key stages of our growth.

Steve Evans, Learning & Development Manager:

“We strongly believe and are committed to the fact that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills and knowledge and we know that people are unique in how they learn best.

That’s why we’ve created a training solution: the internal ADLIB Academy, that meets the singular and specific needs of each individual, enabling and building a bunch that is truly knowledgeable, while progressively evolving with the worlds around us.

Our ADLIB Academy is a blended learning solution, providing the best opportunity to learn, both in the work-place and on the go. Integrating industry-leading e-learning, dynamic on the job 1-2-1 coaching as well as training and peer support. Our very own Academy is our take on what we think learning and development should look like, a unique approach to meet ongoing needs and to provide and ensure personal development opportunities. It is carefully crafted for both existing ADLIB staff as well as those looking for a new career in recruitment as part of team ADLIB.

The ADLIB business model is based around long-term sustainability and investment, through dedication and transparency. Our approach is to enable everyone within ADLIB to be the best they can be today and in the long-term.”

Exciting times here at ADLIB. Learn more about joining us here.

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