Welcome TechTalent Academy – A new sister company for ADLIB

We’ve now officially launched TechTalent Academy, a new sister company for ADLIB.

TechTalent Academy is set to bring new thinking to tech. We build careers with new tech skills and transform companies with diverse tech talent.

We are launching by inviting applications now for the Original TechTalent Academy, the signature Academy Programme, which is set to start training from November 2019. The Original TechTalent Academy prepares diverse talent for their first role in Tech, it’s a unique offer for highly motivated people wanting to embark on a career in Tech, to develop relevant tech skills as well as the confidence to graduate work-ready. The course content is based on real-world skill requirements, considering skill gaps, to ensure that graduates’ skill-sets set them up for a long-term career in tech, ready to be employed.

Applications are now open, training starts in November 2019 in Bristol. Full details are available on https://techtalent.academy/.

The TTA team is driven by purpose and the vision is to work with 20,000 new tech talent trainees and to transform the sector with the diverse teams they build. Together with their partners, they want to remove the barriers for the next generation of technology talent, giving them the all-round support they need to choose tech as their career path.

From the ADLIB perspective, at the core of the decision to co-found TTA were the intentions to help bridge the skills gap within the tech, cyber and data sectors and to enable our clients to build truly diverse teams. To provide access to long-term and meaningful careers, with a focus on underrepresented individuals who may not be offered such a path without organisations such as TechTalent Academy.

How the family works:

  • Invest and support in future tech, data and cyber talent (TechTalent Academy)
  • Building diverse and inclusive teams (True Diversity by ADLIB) and TechTalent Academy)
  • Experienced tech, data and cyber talent (ADLIB)

Earlier in 2019 ADLIB launched a dedicated D&I service offering, True Diversity. We believe change needs to happen and our experience to date is telling us that employers want to be part of and drive this change. There is a wealth of untapped talent in the UK and there is a skills gap. True Diversity is all about re-framing this skills gap as a massive opportunity to create diverse teams. We are providing the pathway between potential, real-world employment and long-term success.

A demonstration of this potential comes from Janice Rae, CEO of TechTalent Academy. Janice recently supported a Women in Cyber academy. The programme received a huge 220 applications for the 30 places available. This is just one example but is a clear testament to the appetite out there amongst a truly diverse mix of people. To re-skill, up-skill and to embark on a career in tech.

Beyond the Original TechTalent Academy that we’ll be running each quarter, we are already working with clients, businesses and partners, crafting bespoke and specifically tailored TechTalent Academy Programmes, to train their very own next generation of work-ready and diverse technology talent.

If you’d like to find out more, from a candidate or employer point of view, please get in touch, we’d welcome hearing from you.

Links and contacts:
Web: https://techtalent.academy/
Email: hello@techtalent.academy
Phone: 0117 405 4015

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