What GDPR means to us at ADLIB

As we’ve said before, GDPR is a good news story to us.

As most SMEs we turned and listened to experts, gathered facts about what GDPR really means for us, our clients and in general. It gave us the perfect reason to look at all our processes, to assess and check where we are at, how data flows through our business, the What, Why and Where for all information we hold on to.

For us, there wasn’t actually that much “new” – GDPR is based on the principles that we always saw at the base of how we treat information – with respect – with transparency – fairly and lawfully goes without saying.

However, GDPR brings with it the need for more documentation. We took this as an opportunity to rewrite our Privacy and Cookies Policy, to make sure that how we treat and have always treated candidate and client information is shared in a clear and simple way – no jargon.

Please let us know of course should you have any questions but here it is for your reference:

ADLIB’s Privacy & Cookies Policy

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