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Below, some wisdom pieces we’ve gathered. An impressive lineup and some top tips from thought leaders and influencers.


Motion Graphics

Capturing some wisdom

Our chat with Daniel Simmonds, Motion Graphic Designer and Video Editor at Proctor + Stevenson.

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From Digital Marketer to UX Designer

A real-life take

Our chat with Emma Vaughan, UX/UI Designer (previously Digital Marketer) at Rockpool Digital.

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The Evolution of UX

How it's Changing

Our chat with Rebecca Taylor, UX Consultant at Deckchair.

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Designing for Visual Accessibility

Colour Blindness

Our chat with Sarah Key, Digital Comms Manager.

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Market Segmentation

How it's Evolving

Our chat with data analyst expert – David Sanderson.

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Starting a Content Agency

What it's really like

Our chat with Jo Duncan, Founder of Lean Content.

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From Digital Freelancer

To Digital Agency Owner

Insights from Gareth Simpson, Managing Director at Seeker Digital.

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Employee Engagement

Making it Authentic

Our chat with Peter Wakefield, Founder at Loving Monday.

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Growing a Tech Team

Insights & Advice

Our chat with Gary Lake, Digital Director at Goram & Vincent.

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5 Years as a Content Agency Owner

What Tom's Learned

Our chat with Tom Sandford, Content Marketing Strategist and Owner of Future Content.

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Being Successful

In the Advertising Industry

Insights from Sophie Gibson, Founder & Client Partner at Team Eleven.

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7 Years as Account Director

What Amy's Learned

Our chat with Amy Chadwick, Account Director at McCANN.

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The Digital Agency Landscape

What it's really like

Wisdom & insights from Karen Pearce, Client Strategy Director at Digirank.

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Client Services

What Steve's Learned

Insights from Steve Jefferys, Client Services Director at Armadillo CRM.

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10+ Years Improving Conversion Rates

What Ryan's Learned

Our chat with Ryan Webb, Conversion & Analytics Director at SearchStar.

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18 Years as Agency Owner/Creative Director

What Glynn's Learned

Our chat with Glynn Hayward, Creative Director at Complete Control.

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15 Years as Head of eCommerce

What Neil's Learned

Our chat with Neil Fitzpatrick, Head of eCommerce and Direct Sales at PDOL/Independent Vet Care.

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17 Years in eCommerce

What Richie's Learned

Our chat with Richie Jones, Expert Digital Marketer.

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20 Years in B2B Marketing

What Robert's Learned

Insights from Robert Hollier, Marketing Director at ITEC.

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5 Years in Freelance Marketing

What Geraint's Learned

Our chat with Geraint Clarke, BD Professional and Marketer.

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4 Years as a Dev Lead

What James Has Learned

Insights from James Hobbs, Digital Development Lead at Dyson.

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Working with Drupal

What Tom's Learned

Our chat with Tom Metcalfe, Senior Web Developer at Proctor + Stevenson.

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From Freelancer To Business Owner

What Simon's Learned

Our chat with Simon Winter, AKA Winter Design.

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Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

What Olivia's Learned

Our chat with Olivia Tripp, Founder at WKND:IN.

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The Importance of Inclusivity

In Web Design

Our chat with Dr Sam Waller, Senior Research Associate as part of the Inclusive Design Group at University of Cambridge.

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Founding a Data-Driven Business

What it's really like

Our chat with Brittany Harris, CEO at Qualis Flow.

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Data Analytics

For SME's

Insights from Helen Tanner, Data Specialist at Data³.

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Building a Data-Driven

Marketing Function

Insights from James Brake, Head of Client Insight at Hargreaves Lansdown.

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Marketing Wisdom

For Scale-Ups

Our chat with Cheryl Crichton, Marketing Consultant at Solid Sources.

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Positive Psychology

Thriving through Change

Our chat with Liza Hughes, Leadership Coach.

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The Future of

Data in Marketing

Insights from Ed Arnall-Culliford, Insight Director at SearchStar.

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Closing the Skills Gap

Electronics Talent

Our chat with Stew Edmondson, CEO at UKESF.

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The Shape of PR

in 2019

Our chat with Kayleigh Töyrä, Creative Director at Seeker Digital.

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From Project Management

To Product Management

Insights from Jonny Savill, Product Owner at Webgains.

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